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Biden's Social Media Censorship

Murthy v. Missouri; Missouri v. Biden
Biden's Social Media Censorship
Amicus Brief Filed

On July 4th, while Americans were celebrating the birth of our nation with family and friends, a federal judge in Louisiana was filing a 155-page ruling against the Biden Administration. The court opinion blew the lid off a federal assault against our liberties – a First Amendment violation of epic proportions. Judge Terry Doughty had determined that the Administration had arguably been committing "the most massive attack against free speech in United States' history" and issued a preliminary injunction against a host of cabinet-level departments and allied agencies operating under the Executive branch, temporarily preventing them from continuing this outrage. But the Biden Administration immediately pushed back with a quick appeal, demanding that the injunction be reversed. We've filed a FOIA to get to the bottom of this and an amicus brief in federal appeals court to defeat Biden's unconstitutional actions.

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