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Craig Parshall

Craig Parshall is Special Counsel for Government Affairs for the ACLJ. He has hosted and moderated numerous Washington D.C. roundtables on Internet freedom issues, and serves as Special Counsel to the American Center for Law & Justice. He has frequented testified before committees of Congress, most recently on behalf of ACLJ before a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Craig is also a New York Times best-selling fiction writer, with his eleven suspense novels often featuring breaking trends in technology. He is married to nationally syndicated radio talk show host Janet Parshall.  

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Craig Parshall

Big Tech Censorship and Bias – What Do We Do About It?

By Craig Parshall1591794000000

On May 28th, 2020 President Donald Trump released his Executive Order (“EO”) titled, “Preventing Online Censorship.” In releasing the full text of the EO, mainstream media outlets like NBC news were quick to criticize the Presidential order, characterizing it as just a “response to Twitter,” which...

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“Sanctuary” For Who? – Lawlessness & Anarchy

By Craig Parshall1486155257575

Words can be powerful conduits for truth. But in politics, language can also serve to camouflage public harm under the gloss of an appealing label. Take, for example, the “Sanctuary City” movement. A host of cities have passed local rules under the guise of that attractive mantra, creating...

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The President’s ICANN Internet Problem

By Craig Parshall1433186071131

Imagine this dramatic scenario: the White House pushes for the United States to abandon its historic role as protector of the Internet, transferring the last vestige of that authority over to a private organization populated by international tech gurus. But the gurus also hold seven smartcards that...

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