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Three Major Threats to the Constitution — And What YOU Can Do About Them


Jordan Sekulow

September 17, 2021

5 min read




On this day 234 years ago, 41 American delegates gathered in Independence Hall following four months of debate and deliberation. The product of their labor was the vision of an entirely new form of government. 

Dr. Benjamin Franklin called for the vote for the delegates to sign what would be the U.S. Constitution. Nine months after being sent to the states for ratification, the Constitution received enough support to make it “the supreme Law of the Land.” With that, our great nation was born.

Franklin’s call to vote was far from a formality. He used the platform to deliver the final great speech of his life. Due to poor health, the 81-year-old Franklin had fellow delegate James Wilson read his prepared words to the group. Now more than ever, Franklin’s speech stands as a poignant reminder of the need to defend the Constitution and the dire consequences if we do not — tyranny.

In his speech, Dr. Franklin warned that the Constitution, if carried out improperly, “can only end in Despotism.” After calling for a unanimous vote in favor of the Constitution, the doctor called on the delegates to “turn our future thoughts & endeavors to the means of having it well administered.”

At the ACLJ, we do not take Dr. Franklin’s final request lightly, nor do we ignore the warning of eventual despotism. For 31 years, we have fought to defend the Constitution from those who wish to undermine its principles, freedoms, and virtues. To honor Constitution Day, and in accordance with Dr. Franklin’s request, we present the three major threats to the Constitution and what YOU can do to defend it.


    The Threat:

    We are seeing a bold and dangerous attempt by the federal branch of our government to undermine the separation of powers spelled out in the Constitution in an active attempt to centralize federal control of elections.

    In Congress, we see a federal power grab disguised as a voting reform bill. From the Oval Office, President Biden is weaponizing his State Department to bring frivolous lawsuits against states which are merely exercising their constitutionally mandated power to protect the integrity of their elections.

    What You Can Do:

    Two weeks ago, the ACLJ filed a brief urging the court to reject Biden’s frivolous lawsuit against Georgia. We not only represented 57 Members of Congress, but also filed “on behalf of over 647,000 supporters of the ACLJ who have expressed their support for defending the integrity of elections and the right to vote.” The court agreed with our position, as demonstrated by their rejection of the Biden Administration’s appeal.

    In this case and many others, we see firsthand the effect of thousands of patriotic Americans lending their voices to our work. It only takes a moment to sign one of our petitions, but your voice can make all the difference.

    Here’s a few petitions that we could really use your signatures on:


    The Threat:

    Since the devastating Roe v. Wade decision, the War on Life has been the deadliest in U.S. history with 62 million innocent lives taken — more than 20 times the casualties of EVERY American war added together.

    As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Biden Administration has taken aim at medical professionals who simply desire to not personally participate in abortion procedures. His Administration recently dropped a DOJ lawsuit against a hospital who ignored the Church Amendments-protected conscience rights of an employee (and ACLJ client.) This decision communicates the Biden Administration’s politicization of the law — a travesty of justice.

    What You Can Do:

    Unfortunately, our client’s story in this case is not an isolated incident. However, stories like hers are told far too infrequently and not shared widely enough. Chances are, most people in your social circles haven’t heard her tragic tale. Chances are, someone in your social circle has been the victim of some form of unlawful discrimination.

    You can empower those who have already spoken up, like our client, by sharing their stories on social media.

    Share This Nurse's Story.

    If you or someone you know has had their conscience rights violated, I encourage you to request our legal assistance.

    Request Our Legal Help.


    The Threat:

    The government has weaponized their power to bully churches. California banned signing during worship services. A county in Virginia told a church to obtain a liquor license to continue operating on their own property. A federal court ruled that city officials cannot support prayer vigils. The ongoing attacks on Christianity pose a very real threat to rights guaranteed to all Americans by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    We sued on behalf of three churches regarding the California worship ban. The state eventually lifted the ban and entered a settlement agreement in our case. In August, we sued the Virginia county for their nonsensical liquor license requirement of a church. And we have appealed the flawed court ruling that essentially punishes prayer.

    What You Can Do:

    These cases are vitally important and the ACLJ takes these cases entirely free-of-charge to our clients. We rely solely on the generosity of our members. Support our work by making a tax-deductible gift in defense of the Constitution.

Constitutional Convention Delegate James McHenry wrote that as Benjamin Franklin exited Independence Hall following the signing, “A lady asked Dr. Franklin, ‘Well Doctor what have we got[,] a republic or a monarchy?’ A republic, replied the Doctor, if you can keep it.”

Happy Constitution Day from the ACLJ. Let us celebrate our republic and make a paramount endeavor to keep it.

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