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Bald Beagle – ACLJ’s Educational Channel for Kids – Releases New Video Explaining the Electoral College and the Left Goes Nuts


Jordan Sekulow

October 29, 2020

5 min read

American Heritage



We just released a new video on Bald Beagle, our educational YouTube channel for kids; and within hours, the radical Left went on the attack.

As we recently announced, Bald Beagle is a new YouTube channel from the ACLJ creative team dedicated to producing engaging, educational content to help educate and inspire kids. Our videos illustrate the great – and sometimes complicated – history of our nation and Founding Fathers, help explain how government works, and also highlight the moral principles it was founded on.

Not surprisingly, the Left hates that.

This week Bald Beagle released the new video: “What Is the Electoral College?”

This fun kids’ video is meant to simplify this Electoral College thing they’ll be hearing about over the next week, with the election only days away at the time of this posting. It received thousands of views in the first 24 hours and hundreds of “Likes.”

As the video explains, the Electoral College is not a perfect system but it does help to keep elections more balanced for all states, not just the giant ones like California and Texas. Many on the Left don’t like that because they know traditionally “Blue” giants like California and New York could potentially wipe out countless votes in smaller states.

No wonder within hours of the video’s release, extreme leftists went on the offensive, attacking the video. One particular self-proclaimed atheist site accused the new video and the ACLJ of “brainwashing kids” with conservative propaganda. Yes, describing the constitutional system of how the President is elected is somehow “brainwashing.”

Our video points out that, due to the Electoral College, politicians have to focus on all states and their needs, not just the big ones. This article takes a curious counterposition, claiming: “If the popular vote mattered, sure, politicians would target the largest states first, but if the race was close, they would absolutely travel to medium and smaller ones.”

Oh, so in other words, in the Left’s world, sure three or four states – all of which traditionally vote their way – would initially get all the time and attention, but don’t worry if you live in a smaller state like Maine or Rhode Island or Delaware. IF by chance the election looks like it might be close, then the candidates have no other choice but to give you some attention too. Sure, that sounds fair.

By the way, those of you in smaller states, like a true elitist, the author actuallyclaims: “Smaller states already get disproportionate representation in the Senate. No need for them to taint the presidential race, too.”

See, you already have too much influence as it is. Sit in the corner and stop “tainting” their chances for a godless, socialist regime.

This is why the work of the ACLJ and Bald Beagle are so important. America’s history and our principles are in danger. Politicians are demanding American history be stripped from taxpayer-supported school curriculums. The radical Left wants America’s history erased and rewritten. And in their twisted new American story, conservatives and people of faith will be portrayed as the villains.

Talk about brainwashing. We cannot allow America to become a dystopian socialist nightmare.

Traditional, conservative values are under attack. Our constitutional republic is under attack. The author of the critical article called the ACLJ a “very, very conservative group.”

That’s one thing he is correct about. And we’re not ashamed of it. We are fighting to protect our conservative, constitutional republic. We’re defending religious liberty here and across the globe, including in countries where Christians are attacked and murdered for their faith. And we’re fighting to save countless precious unborn babies.

Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi is continually holding up Coronavirus relief bills by demanding funding for abortions, prolonging the suffering of countless struggling Americans. And she’s threatening to manipulate the 25th Amendment to be able to remove a sitting President, overriding the power of the American people.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein recently got caught on a hot mic criticizing Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Christian faith.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her leftist colleagues on the so-called “squad” just blatantly demanded that Democrat leadership pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices.

Why? We’ve said it time and time again: because he Left worships at the altar of abortion. It’s never been more apparent than right now. They’re accusing us of making a “propaganda video” for teaching children, while they’re vehemently fighting to keep aborting babies.

We are truly fighting for the soul of America. And it begins with our kids.

Children are the future of our nation. Bald Beagle’s videos are fun and musical, but they are serious business. Kids need to know the truth. That is why we started Bald Beagle. But we need your help.

Subscribe to Bald Beagle on YouTube right now, watch the video “What Is the Electoral College?” with your kids and grandkids, and give it a THUMBS UP. It truly helps.

As an ACLJ member, you also have the unique opportunity to support this revolutionary endeavor. Visit BaldBeagle.com to make your tax-deductible donation today.

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