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We’ve just come off one government shutdown, and now another is possibly looming at the end of next week. Border security has been a hot topic for weeks. And issues like the economy, job growth, and a host of other issues are on everyone’s mind.

Today on the show, we asked you the audience, what do you want to hear the President speak about at tonight’s State of the Union.

Some callers, specifically those in the transportation industry, called in on an important topic that doesn’t make as many headlines but is vital to our entire economy – infrastructure reform. It is imperative to have safe, efficient roadways, particularly interstates and bridges.

Of course, the President will discuss border security, but it’s my feeling he will need to link it with a plan for comprehensive immigration reform. President Trump needs to put the ball in the corner of his detractors to come to the table and work together.

Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer are already lambasting the President’s speech before he’s even uttered a word. It doesn’t bode well for open cooperation from the Left; at least not in matters of border security.

One thing I’m confident about; it’s going to be an interesting speech.

We also discussed last night’s Senate vote on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which basically says if a child survives an abortion attempt, the infant must be protected and given proper medical care to save his or her life. It seemed like a rational piece of legislation that would easily receive a unanimous vote, and yet Democratic Senator Patty Murray rejected the motion. Now we’re calling for a full floor vote to pass this critical, commonsense measure.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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