Shaheryar Gill

Shaheryar Gill serves as Senior Counsel and oversees the ACLJ's Virginia Beach office, where he leads the ACLJ's international legal team. He also oversees ECLJ’s affiliate office in Pakistan, which provides legal assistance to persecuted Christians. Shaheryar is a graduate of Handong International Law School in South Korea, where he served as Senior Editor of Joint Regent-Handong Journal of International Law. He received his LL.M. from Regent University School of Law. He has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Regent University School of Law, where he has taught Public International Law and guest lectured on National Security Law and Christian Foundations of Law. He is also a Fellow of the M.G. Robertson Global Centre for Law & Public Policy.

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Shaheryar Gill

Pakistani Court Convicts Killers of Alleged Blasphemer

By Shaheryar Gill1651064340000

An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has convicted and sentenced 88 people for murdering a Sri Lankan national for allegedly committing blasphemy. This is a far different result than many of the cases where a Christian accused of blasphemy has been killed or attacked by a violent mob. Could Pakistan...

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Pakistani Affiliate Rescues Another Christian Family From Bonded Labor

By Shaheryar Gill1648817940000

The Organization for Legal Aid (OLA), our Pakistani affiliate, has again secured a victory for poor Pakistani Christians who have been forced into bonded labor. In this case, the victims of this illegal, yet persistent, practice of bonded labor were a Christian family: Abbas Masih, his wife...

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Pakistan Supreme Court Refuses to Order Police To Find Christian Girl

By Shaheryar Gill1647352800000

The story of Mehak James is a parent’s worst nightmare. Mehak is a young Pakistani Christian girl and daughter of a poor, uneducated Christian laborer. She has been missing for a year and a half, and the Pakistani police refuse to do anything to find her. Not only that, every effort of her parents...

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ACLJ's Pakistani Affiliate Rescues Christian Man From Involuntary Servitude

By Shaheryar Gill1644423444987

Adding to the series of victories in bonded labor cases shared here and here, our Pakistani affiliate has secured another victory for a Christian family, rescuing them from being forced to work without payment for over two years. Bonded labor is illegal in Pakistan, but many people are forced to...

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Shaheryar Gill

Two Christian Brothers on Death Row for Blasphemy in Pakistan

By Shaheryar Gill1637595237622

ECLJ Intervenes for Christian Facing Potential Death Sentence

By Shaheryar Gill1635535543054

U.N. Targets Israel: Apartheid or Antisemitism?

By Shaheryar Gill1632336484684

ECLJ Pleads With the United Nations on Behalf of a Young Christian Girl in Pakistan

By Shaheryar Gill1632142740000

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