Paul Archuleta

Paul Archuleta is the Deputy Director of Government Affairs and Foreign Policy Analyst at the American Center for Law & Justice. As a member of the Government Affairs team in the ACLJ's Washington, D.C. office, Paul focuses on international religious freedom, persecution of Christians abroad, and other relevant foreign policy issues.

Paul received a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and a Masters in International Affairs from Penn State. During college he interned in the United States House of Representatives and in grad school interned at the United States Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute at the Army War College.

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Paul Archuleta

This UN UPR Session Has a Significant Christian Persecution Problem

By Paul Archuleta1650459540000

Christians all around the world practice their faith with the knowledge that they could be arrested, beaten, or even killed. To provide a voice for persecuted Christians, we just filed, through our international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), seven reports with the U.N.

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Detailing the Scourge of Global Human Trafficking at the UN

By Paul Archuleta1649854740000

Human trafficking is a scourge which impacts every country. At its very core, human trafficking is the exploitation of human life for financial gain. Traffickers lie and deceive their victims to gain their trust and then sell them to work as slaves or be sexually exploited. According to the U.N.

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Speaking Out on Behalf of the Persecuted in Burma at the UN

By Paul Archuleta1633447671222

According to a human rights group, the Burma (Myanmar) Army has killed more than 1,000 civilians since it seized power in February 2021. As we told you, the Burma Army took control of the government during a coup. Since then, it continues to discriminate against, persecute, and even kill religious...

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ACLJ Details Ongoing Violence Facing Christians in Nigeria at the UN

By Paul Archuleta1630069140000

Christians in Nigeria are continuously living under the threat of being killed or kidnapped because of their Christian faith. ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo (former Secretary of State) has previously detailed just how dire the current situation in Nigeria is: Unfortunately, the...

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Paul Archuleta

ACLJ Files Submission to UN HRC On the Scourge of Human Trafficking

By Paul Archuleta1624885140000

ACLJ Details Atrocities in Burma and Demands Action at the UN

By Paul Archuleta1624453140000

ACLJ Urges Immediate Action at the UN To Stop Human Trafficking

By Paul Archuleta1622033940000

Highlighting the Many Faces of Persecuted Christians to the U.N.

By Paul Archuleta1621000740000

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