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Palmer Williams
Palmer Williams is Associate Counsel for Public Policy with the ACLJ, focusing on government affairs, sanctity of life, and international law. 
Prior to joining the ACLJ, Palmer worked as the Pro Bono Coordinator for the Tennessee Supreme Court and then in the field of international adoption and orphan care. Palmer earned her Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt Law School and her B.A. in Political Science & Community Development from Vanderbilt University.
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Palmer Williams

Defending Genocide Victims at the UN

By Palmer Williams1487001045216

Nine months ago, the ACLJ, in partnership with our European affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), filed urgent testimony with the United Nations Human Rights Council. Our written statement outlined the genocidal acts against Christians and other religious minorities in Syria...

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Pastor Hassan Convicted in Sudan

By Palmer Williams1485889041308

We just received urgent news out of Sudan regarding the fate of Pastor Hassan Abduraheem who is on trial for false charges relating to his Christian faith. The judge issued his verdict in the case on Sunday, and it is devastating news for Pastor Hassan. Pastor Hassan received a 12-year sentence on...

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Prenatal Care at Planned Parenthood?

By Palmer Williams1485371567667

In the debate over defunding Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood and its allies spin numerous tales about why defunding Planned Parenthood would be so damaging. They’ve just been caught in yet another lie. We’ve previously debunked claims about what percentage of their services are abortions ,

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Critical Update on Sudanese Pastors

By Palmer Williams1483473705576

Monday was a critical day in the trial of two Sudanese Christian pastors who face possible death sentences because of their Christian faith. After the prosecution rested its case last week, the judge was poised to announce whether or not he would drop the trumped-up charges against Pastor Kuwa...

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Palmer Williams

Planned Parenthood Targets Pro-Life Laws

By Palmer Williams1481125309979

True Legacy of 100 Years of Planned Parenthood

By Palmer Williams1477061676239

House Members Seek Protections for Babies

By Palmer Williams1474582720570

What Does It Really Mean to Be Pro-Life?

By Palmer Williams1471444692771