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John Monaghan

John Monaghan serves as Senior Litigation Counsel in the ACLJ’s Virginia Beach office. He has been practicing since 2005. John started in criminal defense as a part time assistant public defender. Eleven years and many trials later, he left private practice and joined the ACLJ.

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John Monaghan

Why is Illinois Keeping Abortion Clinics Open During Pandemic?

By John Monaghan1587668400000

While other states are ceasing elective medical procedures – including elective abortions – during the Coronavirus pandemic, Illinois is keeping its abortion clinics open for business. That’s right. While many states, including Illinois, are taking the necessary step of halting all elective...

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ACLJ Aggressively Presses Forward in "Jesus Loves You" Lawsuit

By John Monaghan1587128400000

Our defense against the Left’s assault on free speech and religious liberty continues, virus or no virus. We told you about how we filed lawsuit on behalf of our client, Hadassah Carter. She is a realtor who has been being harassed, targeted, and discriminated against by the Virginia Real Estate...

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