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Jeff Ballabon is Senior Counsel for International and Government Affairs at ACLJ where he focuses on both legislation and litigation. A graduate of Yale Law School and former Senior Vice President of CBS News, Jeff served as Republican Counsel to the US Senate Commerce Committee and Legislative Counsel to Sen. John Danforth (R-MO). His clients have included the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem and numerous American victims of Palestinian terror whom he represented before the White House, State Department, Justice Department and Congress. At Israel’s Ministry of Justice, Jeff worked on the legal status of the disputed territories as well as the first formulation of Israel’s Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty.

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Jeff Ballabon

President Biden Is Opening a "Palestinian" Consulate in Jerusalem

By Jeff Ballabon1622223923935

It seems as though everything the new Biden Administration is doing in the Middle East is dedicated to harming Israel: empowering a nuclear Iran; rolling back the historic achievements of the Abraham Accords; and rewarding the intransigent, corrupt leadership of those who seek to wipe Israel off...

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President Biden Continues To Illegally Fund the Palestinian Authority

By Jeff Ballabon1620684226697

Yesterday, Jordan Sekulow reported to you that the ACLJ filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Biden Administration over its plan to restart millions in American taxpayer aid to the terrorist-supporting non-state “Palestine” via the Palestinian Authority (PA) – an arm of the...

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What’s Happening in Georgia Could Impact Every American

By Jeff Ballabon1608245916829

In just over two weeks, America will hold its next national election. In fact, all the action is taking place in a single state – Georgia – but the implications of that state’s election are national, truly impacting every American. Georgia is unique because of a convergence of three factors: (1) it...

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Fighting for Free and Fair Elections

By Jeff Ballabon1607531884413

Americans are not naïve. We know that too many politicians and government officials are focused on staying in power rather than in serving the public. That’s a serious problem, because in a healthy democracy it’s vital that government serve the citizens rather than the other way around. Americans...

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Jeff Ballabon

Victory: Spotify Removes User-Created Antisemitic Incitement

By Jeff Ballabon1581975925658

Tenant Ordered to Take Down Scripture, ACLJ Stepped In

By Jeff Ballabon1573578061811

Airbnb Singles Out Jewish Homes for Delisting in Israel

By Jeff Ballabon1544197623143

Obama’s Final Betrayal of Israel

By Jeff Ballabon1479323964473

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