Francis J. Manion

Francis J. Manion is Senior Counsel with the ACLJ who emphasizes First Amendment law and pro-life legal matters before state and federal courts.

A 1980 graduate of Seton Hall School of Law, Manion honed his litigation skills with more than 15 years of experience as a trial attorney in private law firms where he served as trial counsel on behalf of pro-life demonstrators. He joined the ACLJ in 1996 and emphasizes protecting constitutional rights in the public school, the work environment, and the public arena.

Manion also emphasizes defending the public displays of the Ten Commandments and other historic displays that are part of our nation’s heritage. He also focuses on safeguarding the rights of medical personnel who are often required by employers to violate their consciences and religious beliefs by participating in pregnancy-ending procedures.

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Francis J. Manion

Two Major Cases Ongoing as We Fight For the Unborn in Federal Court

By Francis J. Manion and Geoffrey Surtees1646661540000

Last week we tried the case of Jeryl Turco v. City of Englewood in U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey. Our client, Jeryl Turco, has been sidewalk counseling on the public sidewalks outside of the Metropolitan Medical Associates abortion business for 15 years. Nearly every Saturday morning...

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ACLJ Sues Louisville Over Pro-Abortion Buffer Zone Law

By Francis J. Manion and Geoffrey Surtees1637249808047

Last year we told you about the City of Louisville’s failed attempt to crack down on pro-life sidewalk counseling using the COVID pandemic as cover. Then, the pro-abortion faction of the city council claimed that pro-lifers approaching and speaking with women entering Kentucky’s last abortion...

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HHS Tries To Pull a Fast One Throwing Conscience Rights Under the Bus

By Francis J. Manion1633525140000

We recently told you about the Biden Administration’s cynical abandonment of a case brought by the Department of Justice on behalf of our client, Rachel, a pro-life nurse in Vermont who was coerced into assisting in an abortion even though her hospital employer was aware of her conscientious...

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Biden White House Declares War on Conscience Rights

By Francis J. Manion1628092663881

The Biden Administration has sent a clear message to all health care professionals who call themselves pro-life: “Your rights don’t matter. We won’t enforce them.” We’ve been telling you for years about the ACLJ’s case on behalf of a University of Vermont Medical Center (“UVMMC”) operating room...

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Francis J. Manion

School Backs Down After Confiscating 2nd Grader's Bible at School

By Francis J. Manion1622638740000

Pro-Lifer Ministering to Homeless Does NOT Have To Refer for Abortion

By Francis J. Manion1622552340000

DOJ Sues University of Vermont for Violating Pro-life Conscience Rights

By Francis J. Manion1608224645295

Pro-Life NC Election Official's Free Speech Rights Vindicated

By Francis J. Manion1601491736749

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