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Ric Grenell Joins the ACLJ Team - Sekulow Ep. 572


We are excited to announce that Richard Grennell, who was not only the acting Director of National Intelligence but also the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, will be joining the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) as Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy.

The IRS Scandal of the Century - Sekulow Ep. 571

OfficialACLJ1599056407618Free Speech

In this episode, we share the personal stories of the conservative groups that were singled out by the IRS and the ACLJ’s unprecedented successful legal fight to protect their clients’ constitutional rights.

Teachers Unions Demand Restricted Learning Opportunities - Sekulow Ep. 569

OfficialACLJ1596720600000School Choice

Teachers unions demand that states restrict learning opportunities for students. Jay and team discuss.

The Fight to Preserve Hagia Sophia - Sekulow Ep. 568

OfficialACLJ1596200400000Persecuted Church

Worldwide pushback is happening against the decision by Turkey’s President Erdogan to turn a historic church into a mosque. Jay and team discuss.

Big Win for School Choice and Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court - Sekulow Ep. 567

OfficialACLJ1596118183380School Choice

The latest Supreme Court ruling was a major victory for school choice and religious liberty. Jay and team discuss.

Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Life - Sekulow Ep. 566

OfficialACLJ1594476000000Pro Life

The Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law which required abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges within thirty miles of an abortion clinic.

Newly Released Notes Confirm White House Plot Against Incoming Trump Admin - Sekulow 565

OfficialACLJ1594389600000Government Corruption

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s notes reveal the Obama Administration’s plot to take down President Trump and General Flynn.

The ACLJ's Brand New School Choice Initiative - Sekulow Ep. 564

OfficialACLJ1593198844950School Choice

We discuss the ACLJ’s new School Choice Initiative and how you can get involved.

Defunding the Police Will Cause Greater Problems, Not Solutions - Sekulow Ep. 563

OfficialACLJ1592487000000Public Policy

We discuss the latest rallying cry of the radical Left, which is “defund the police”.

Does Twitter's "Fact Check" of President Trump Undermine Conservative Policy Positions? - Sekulow Ep. 561

OfficialACLJ1591625880000Public Policy

Twitter decided to, for the first time ever, “fact check” President Trump five months before the presidential election.