Sham of the Century: Comey & Mueller Secrets Unburied - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1637182695498Government Corruption

The Department of Justice arrested Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI on claims he made in Christopher Steel’s dossier. The dossier was used as the basis to push a narrative that Donald Trump was working for the Russians - a thoroughly debunked lie. John Durham’s investigation has now implicated...

Putin Throws a Dangerous Lifeline to Flailing Biden Admin - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1634146809787Foreign Policy

During conversations between President Biden and Vladimir Putin, which is normal between heads of state, a very unusual and disconcerting discussion took place over the feasibility and viability of having our military work out of Russian military bases for counterterrorism in Afghanistan since the...

Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Defending Lifesaving Law in Federal Court - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1632763800000Pro Life

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow and other ACLJ attorneys will be representing Governor Kristi Noem and the State of South Dakota in their battle against Planned Parenthood. Gov. Noem is trying to uphold a state law that requires counseling to be provided for women seeking abortion from a third party...

The Resurrection of ISIS - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1631466240000Middle East

As we feared, President Biden’s hasty withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has ushered in the return of the Islamic State (ISIS). This has provided exactly the safe haven ISIS needed in order to re-emerge. Director of National Security Jake Sullivan spoke about the threat ISIS poses: “The...

The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Ice Cream - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1630256520000Battling Antisemitism

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company has not shied away when it comes to involving itself in the political arena. In the latest example, Ben and Jerry’s independent board of directors released a statement indicating they would no longer sell products in what they call “the Occupied Palestinian...

The Hidden Campaign Against Christianity - Sekulow TV

OfficialACLJ1628957100000Religious Liberty

We’ve already seen the many ways Leftist governments have used crises as an instrument to single out and shut down worship and church services. But now, the ACLJ’s new case truly illustrates the depths of the hidden war against Christianity happening within our own government. In the United States,

The Next HUGE Case at the Supreme Court - What's Next

OfficialACLJ1628532739909Pro Life

Since the formation of the ACLJ, fighting for the unborn has been one of our primary functions. And now, with the Supreme Court taking up a MAJOR abortion case out of Mississippi banning most abortions after 15 weeks, there is now an opportunity for the Court to revisit Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade has...

Rewriting the Constitution: The Radical Assault on Liberty


The Constitution is often referred to as the supreme law of the land in America. Indeed, the Constitution of the United States provides the framework by which all other legislation is tested. This is why it is the ACLJ’s mission to defend the Constitution against all threats. We believe that...

A Voice for Freedom on the World Stage

OfficialACLJ1627497621041Foreign Policy

Though we are the American Center for Law and Justice, we have a strong presence around the world. With offices in places like Europe and Jerusalem, the ACLJ is heavily focused on foreign policy. During the Trump Administration, we were instrumental in seeing unprecedented victories for peace...

Shadows in the Capitol: Defining & Defeating the Deep State

OfficialACLJ1626806875189Government Corruption

When unelected officials make decisions behind closed doors, they become unaccountable to the American people. Thus, the door to corruption is wide open. This government bureaucracy, or Deep State, cannot be allowed to operate without being held accountable. We started our Government Accountability...

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