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Who Do We Thank for Thanksgiving: Sarah Josepha Hale & Abraham Lincoln Story for Kids

OfficialACLJ1606256717000American Heritage

We're all about to celebrate Thanksgiving, but many Americans don't actually know the history of how it became an official holiday. More than 240 years after the Pilgrims and Native Americans shared that first Thanksgiving meal, it was American writer Sarah Josepha Hale, the author of “Mary Had a...

An American Hero - Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles

OfficialACLJ1605124739748US Military

We believe that heroes like Lt. Col. Charles S. Kettles should be honored. Hear his heroic story of bravery in risking his life to save his fellow soldiers while serving in Vietnam. Join us in honoring the service of Lt. Col. Kettles on this Veterans Day.

Obama WH Weaponized Intelligence Agencies - w/ Guest Ric Grenell - Sekulow Ep. 577

OfficialACLJ1602942000000Government Corruption

Ric Grenell, ACLJ Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy, joins Jordan in studio to discuss Obama-era corruption and the upcoming presidential election.

Disgusting Attacks Against Judge Amy Coney Barrett - Sekulow Ep. 576

OfficialACLJ1602144660000Supreme Court

Even before Judge Amy Coney Barrett was officially nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump, the far Left began sickening attacks on her faith and her family.

Washington Monument, Other Major Landmarks Under Threat - Sekulow Ep. 573

OfficialACLJ1601712960000American Heritage

The D.C. mayor proposed that the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, as well as other monuments and memorials be removed, contextualized, or relocated.

Ric Grenell Joins the ACLJ Team - Sekulow Ep. 572


We are excited to announce that Richard Grennell, who was not only the acting Director of National Intelligence but also the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, will be joining the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) as Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy.

The IRS Scandal of the Century - Sekulow Ep. 571

OfficialACLJ1599056407618Free Speech

In this episode, we share the personal stories of the conservative groups that were singled out by the IRS and the ACLJ’s unprecedented successful legal fight to protect their clients’ constitutional rights.

Teachers Unions Demand Restricted Learning Opportunities - Sekulow Ep. 569

OfficialACLJ1596720600000School Choice

Teachers unions demand that states restrict learning opportunities for students. Jay and team discuss.

The Fight to Preserve Hagia Sophia - Sekulow Ep. 568

OfficialACLJ1596200400000Persecuted Church

Worldwide pushback is happening against the decision by Turkey’s President Erdogan to turn a historic church into a mosque. Jay and team discuss.

Big Win for School Choice and Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court - Sekulow Ep. 567

OfficialACLJ1596118183380School Choice

The latest Supreme Court ruling was a major victory for school choice and religious liberty. Jay and team discuss.