Victory Reports

The ACLJ just scored a major victory for hardworking American taxpayers , defeating the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional attempt to strip individual states of their own authority in federal court. A federal district court just struck down the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer ban on states lowering taxes. We told you about President Biden, House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, and the radical Left’s gross overreach of power, telling states they are not allowed to lower their... read more

Some weeks ago, the ACLJ was contacted by a long-time realtor who had been warned by his local realtor association board that the use of a cross in his realtor advertisements might create an issue under federal law and violate nondiscrimination policies. He was being pressured to remove the cross. The cross apparently referred to by the local governing board which he regularly uses is actually the logo for the Christian Real Estate Network (CREN). CREN is a referral network that seeks to... read more

The ACLJ had two more religious liberty victories this month as we continue to fight to protect your right to worship and congregate. We recently listed the steps for requesting religious accommodations from your employers in order to observe the Sabbath. Our latest success story involves a power company in West Virginia that decided to revoke a man’s religious accommodation after six years of employment. This employee had requested in writing a religious accommodation to prevent his company... read more

Our affiliate in Pakistan just rescued a Christian couple from bonded labor. Hanif Masih and his wife, Maryam Masih, had been working for a wealthy Muslim farm owner, Mian Faisal, in a small village in Hafizabad, about 115 kilometers from Lahore. Both started their work in 2016. Hanif took care of Faisal’s cattle and Maryam worked as a maid in Faisal’s house. Faisal provided them servants’ quarters and loaned Hanif 250,000 Pakistani rupees (about $1,300) to put a new roof on the servants’ read more

Each year the ACLJ receives numerous legal requests for help relating to discrimination against churches, religious organizations, and individuals by local authorities through the zoning process. And each year we send out demand letters and informational memos, and sometimes file lawsuits to defend religious liberty, because the law and the Constitution are on our side. A recent example of one such request came from a private homeowner desiring to hold weekly prayer gatherings in his home. read more

The Biden Administration has been reaching right over the Constitution to snatch up as much power as it can grab. This time when the Biden Administration overreached, it “ got its hand slapped ,” with the help of the ACLJ’s legal team. Recently we told you how we took action after the Left in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives opted to use the budget reconciliation process to approve a partisan sixth COVID stimulus bill, which resulted in a law littered with problems. Perhaps one... read more

For the past year, the ACLJ has represented three churches in a lawsuit challenging California’s ban on singing and chanting at indoor worship services throughout the state. After a series of positive developments, including the worship ban being repealed, the lawsuit was recently favorably resolved through a settlement. From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, California imposed a series of burdensome measures upon churches while showing preferential treatment toward favored political... read more

Despite the almost daily ominous rumblings we hear out of Washington about the Biden Administration’s reversal or watering down of the pro-life policies of previous Administrations, it’s important to note that when it comes to conscience rights of pro-life employees, all is not lost – at least not yet. Conscience laws that have been on the books for years are still on the books and pro-life healthcare workers and others should not hesitate to use them. Here’s a recent example of a case we... read more

The ACLJ’s mission has always been to protect the fundamental right of Americans to practice religion freely and without discrimination. In terms of companies requiring their employees to work on the Sabbath, we want you to know that you have rights that cannot be violated. In the past two months the ACLJ has received at least five legal help requests by employees hoping to be able to attend church on Sunday. For some, their employer ignored their verbal request to change their schedule that... read more

We just scored a major win in court for religious freedom. Through the efforts of the ACLJ legal team – and the power of prayer – we successfully helped defend the right to pray. Even in a jury box, where God’s wisdom and guidance may be most crucial. We recently told you how in 2017, a United States district court in Florida removed and replaced a juror because of his religious beliefs. During the course of jury deliberations, the juror (Juror 13) mentioned his prayer for guidance about the... read more

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