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Despite the almost daily ominous rumblings we hear out of Washington about the Biden Administration’s reversal or watering down of the pro-life policies of previous Administrations, it’s important to note that when it comes to conscience rights of pro-life employees, all is not lost – at least not yet. Conscience laws that have been on the books for years are still on the books and pro-life healthcare workers and others should not hesitate to use them. Here’s a recent example of a case we... read more

The ACLJ’s mission has always been to protect the fundamental right of Americans to practice religion freely and without discrimination. In terms of companies requiring their employees to work on the Sabbath, we want you to know that you have rights that cannot be violated. In the past two months the ACLJ has received at least five legal help requests by employees hoping to be able to attend church on Sunday. For some, their employer ignored their verbal request to change their schedule that... read more

We just scored a major win in court for religious freedom. Through the efforts of the ACLJ legal team – and the power of prayer – we successfully helped defend the right to pray. Even in a jury box, where God’s wisdom and guidance may be most crucial. We recently told you how in 2017, a United States district court in Florida removed and replaced a juror because of his religious beliefs. During the course of jury deliberations, the juror (Juror 13) mentioned his prayer for guidance about the... read more

We’ve told you that the Left worships at the altar of abortion. Recently, when the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals revealed its blind devotion to abortion on demand, even during a global health crisis, the U.S. Supreme Court had to step in – at our urging – and rule in favor of common sense, throwing out the lower court’s ruling. As reported : In the Tennessee case, the Supreme Court vacated a Sixth Circuit decision that stopped the state from enforcing its own executive order — which required... read more

The ACLJ has just settled an important case with an agreement that immediately affects Jewish students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and can hopefully set a precedent for other universities to follow. Last January we filed a federal complaint on behalf of our client, Hillels of Georgia, asking the Department of Education to investigate and determine whether the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) had engaged in antisemitic discrimination in permitting a hostile environment... read more

As understood by the God-fearing people who fled to a new land in search of religious liberty, our country was founded on the idea that all citizens are free to exercise their religion in their daily lives, including while at work. Thus, when the ACLJ was contacted by an individual, a Messianic Christian, who was told he could no longer come to work without shaving his beard, we rolled up our sleeves to get to work on protecting his rights. Our client hasn’t shaved his beard in the past 35... read more

This is the latest installment of our year-end victories series looking back at some of the numerous victories by the ACLJ in 2020. This year, Planned Parenthood STRUCK OUT at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. President Trump dealt a painful blow to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry last year through a new rule blocking up to $60 million under the Title X program from going to abortion providers. Title X is a federal program dedicated to providing preconception family planning... read more

This is the latest installment of our year-end victories series looking back at some of the numerous victories by the ACLJ in 2020. This year the ACLJ secured a victory on behalf of a federal law enforcement employee whose religious liberty came under attack. A Christian FBI agent contacted us after he was told by a superior to remove a chalkboard containing Bible verses from its current location at the top of his cubicle. On two prior occasions over the course of two years, superiors had... read more

The ACLJ has secured another RLUIPA victory. This time on behalf of a Messianic congregation in California. The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) is a federal law designed to protect religious assemblies and institutions from land use regulations that interfere with their religious exercise. RLUIPA was enacted to address the widespread discrimination by local zoning authorities as it relates to churches and religious uses. As one of only two Messianic congregations... read more

This is the latest installment of our year-end victories series looking back at some of the numerous victories by the ACLJ in 2020. This year the ACLJ helped score a key victory in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of the interests our ally Israel against harmful antisemitic discrimination and economic terrorism. When a lawyer sued the state of Arizona over what he erroneously called suppression of free speech due to his support for anti-Israel organizations and activities such as... read more