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Thousands Reject UN Monitors

By Jay Sekulow1351890513000

It's absurd. We've been reporting on plans by a United Nations-affiliated group called the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to show up at U.S. polling places on Election Day - especially in the swing states where the outcome of the Presidential race could very well be determined - to "monitor" our election.

On my radio show today, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made it clear these U.N. "monitors" are not above the law and will be prosecuted if they come within 100 feet of a polling place. The good news is that other states are following the lead - Iowa and Georgia - planning to strictly enforce state voting laws.

What's especially troubling here is that liberal political organizations are the center of this intimidation tactic. They have encouraged OSCE to come to our polling places and set-up shop. The groups call the work of this international monitoring organization "valuable" and stated that "we believe it is particularly important that safeguards, including election monitoring, are in place in key areas around the country, and believe your presence would be particularly critical in districts in Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin."

What's even more incredible, now countries like Belarus - a dictatorship - are expressing their concern about the integrity of our elections. It's unbelievable - criticizing our electoral system. This from a dictatorship.

Give me a break.

As I told Megyn Kelly on FOX News today, these U.N. "monitors" have absolutely no authority here. And if they do show up and violate election laws, they should be promptly arrested and prosecuted.

Let's not forget this U.N. organization has called the "threat of criminal sanctions" against their observers "unacceptable" and actually claimed the United States has an "obligation" to invite these observers in to monitor the election.

Here's the encouraging news. Nearly 40,000 Americans have signed on to our Petition to Stop UN Monitors and Voter Intimidation. We are sending a powerful message to the nation's 50 State Attorneys General: The United Nations has no business monitoring elections in the United States. They are not welcome at our polling places and they are not above our laws. You can read our letter here. If you haven't signed on the our petition yet, you can do so here.

Jay Sekulow

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