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By Jay Sekulow1308676508000

Here's the troubling reality:  It's been nearly one week now since Scott Brown was elected to the U.S. Senate by the voters of Massachusetts.  And, Senator-elect Brown has not yet been seated.  He is not yet a member of the U.S. Senate and can't participate on the work currently underway in the Senate itself.

In my view this is an unacceptable delay tactic on the part of the Senate leadership a tactic that disenfranchises the voters of Massachusetts who sent a strong message in the election of last week. 

Theres absolutely no reason to wait to seat Senator-elect Brown and with each passing day he is prevented from participating in the legislative process.  This delay tactic along with reports that top Democrats continue to plot passage of health care reform show that its business as usual in Washington ignoring the will of Massachusetts voters and moving forward with a disturbing health care plan that America simply does not want.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he wont swear-in Scott Brown until the certification process is completed which could take another week. 

But the election outcome is clear and theres even precedent for seating a Senator from Massachusetts before certification is completed.  Thats exactly what happened in the 1960s when Senator Edward Kennedy took the oath of office within hours after being elected to the very same seat that Senator-elect Brown has won. 

Its outrageous that Senator-elect Brown is not yet seated. And what's also troubling is the fact that the Democrats just dont get it.  There was a resounding repudiation of the Democrat agenda including health care with last weeks Senate election.  But that hasnt stopped the President and the Democrat leaders in the House and Senate from plowing forward and redoubling their efforts to get some version of their problematic health care reform approved. 

A clear majority of Americans say they oppose the plan, but as usual, Washington isnt listening.

But there's something you can do to make a difference.  Add your name to our petition if you haven't done so already.  Add your name here.


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