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Defend Israel from Terrorism in Court

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Terrorist-led P.A. Joins ICC

By Jay Sekulow1427921979696

The Palestinian Authority – led by the terrorist group Hamas – is taking lawfare against Israel to a new level. Despite opposition from the United States, Israel, and Canada, the Palestinian Authority formally joined the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague today, becoming the 123rd...

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December 2014

Defending Liberty in Zimbabwe

By ACLJ.org1420059677879

Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare hosts the African Centre for Law & Justice, the ACLJ’s international affiliate in Zimbabwe. To understand the work we have been engaged in throughout 2014, defending Law, Justice, and God-given liberties secured by the constitution, it is important to understand the...

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2014: An Intense & Victorious Year

By ACLJ.org1419882085613

2014 has been a very active, intense, and fruitful year for the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), the ACLJ’s international affiliate in Europe. Based in Strasbourg, France near the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, ECLJ continued advocating for the protection of Human Rights,

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The ECLJ Confronts Palestinian Resolution at the U.N.

By Skip Ash1418920899019

The Arab League, through Jordan, is submitting a proposed resolution to the UN Security Council which would, if adopted, call on Israel to withdraw from “all occupied Palestinian territory” by 2017. There are a number of significant problems with such a resolution. First , the resolution would...

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October 2014

Protect Israel & The Jewish People


Israel faces yet another grave threat. This time, the United Nations Security Council is considering a resolution to drive Israel back to its indefensible, 1967 borders—borders that invited war again...


Remove Jews from Parts of Holy Land?

By David French1412285928030

From Fox News: The Palestinians are pushing a United Nations resolution that makes stiff demands against Israel and could put the Obama administration in a difficult position should it come to a vote. The draft resolution, which was given to Fox News on Wednesday by a diplomat who wished to remain...

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September 2014

UN Condemns Pastor Saeed’s Imprisonment

By Jordan Sekulow1411161735000

The United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group on Arbitrary Detention this week released a 6-page report condemning the “arbitrary” and illegal detention of American Pastor Saeed Abedini and urging his immediate “release.” The report details how Pastor Saeed was detained in Iran while...

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August 2014

Defend the Persecuted Church from ISIS

By ACLJ.org1409259991000

Today, working with our international affiliate the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), we filed a legal memorandum at the United Nations detailing the genocide of Christians being perpetrated by ISIS in Iraq. The filing exposing ISIS’s atrocities comes just ahead of the U.N. Human Rights...

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Did the UN Commit War Crimes in Gaza?

By David French1408637148000

Yesterday I urged conservatives to challenge jihadists and their enablers in international tribunals, including the U.N. Our ACLJ international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice, sent a letter to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing Hamas’s war crimes and...

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Conservatives Need to Fight for Israel

By David French1408571087000

In remarks last month to the U.N. Human Rights Council, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights indicated there was a “strong possibility” that Israel had violated International Humanitarian Law (a cousin to the law of war) and that Israel’s conduct “could amount to war crimes.” Given...

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How Long Will US Wait?

By Jay Sekulow1407788081000

Now is not the time to allocate blame. Now is not the time to debate who “lost” Iraq – whether it’s President Bush’s fault for starting the war or President Obama’s fault for trying to end the war prematurely. Now is the time to act. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the world’s leaders made a...

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June 2014

Major Victories for Religious Freedom

By Matthew Clark1402602062000

In the past week, the ACLJ’s international affiliates have won two major victories for religious liberty at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). First, our international affiliate in Russia, the Slavic Centre for Law and Justice (SCLJ), won a major victory reversing the government shutdown of...

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Resolution Condemns Sudan’s Atrocity

By Matthew Clark1401983873000

The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed a resolution “condemning the death sentence against Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, a Sudanese Christian woman accused of apostasy.” The bipartisan resolution was sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and co-sponsored by 30 other Senators, including Chairman of...

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State Dept Following Shariah Law?

By Matthew Clark1401916938000

The Obama Administration’s State Department has been dragging its heels, refusing to acknowledge that the children of the woman on death row in Sudan for her Christian faith are U.S. citizens. Those two young American children – including a newborn infant – are imprisoned with their mother, Meriam...

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May 2014

Is the State Dept Abandoning a Child?

By Matthew Clark1400698778000

Martin Wani, a 20-month-old American boy , is suffering in prison as his mother, Meriam Ibrahim, is shackled on death row in Sudan because she is a Christian . Martin is a U.S. citizen, but the U.S. State Department refuses to even acknowledge this fact. It’s an unbelievable outrage on top of an...

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Christian Man Beaten After Easter

By ACLJ.org1400516897000

Written by Shaheryar Gill. The Organization for Legal Aid (OLA), ECLJ’s affiliate in Pakistan, is demanding justice for a Christian farmhand, Saleem Masih, who was severely beaten by his Muslim employer’s sons for taking two extra days off of work after Easter. The local police have not registered...

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Save Meriam From A Death Sentence


A judge in Sudan has sentenced Meriam Ibrahim to be tortured and executed. Her only crime? Her Christian faith. Born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father who abandoned her, Meriam was raised...


Christian Woman Sentenced to Death

By Jay Sekulow1400446782000

In Sudan, a judge has sentenced a pregnant Christian woman, Meriam Ibrahim, to death. Her only crime is her Christian faith. According to news reports, her mother raised her Christian, but her father (who abandoned the family) was Muslim. Her father’s faith was imputed to his daughter, so in the...

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