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We have a moral obligation to defend the interests and security of our greatest ally Israel.

Today on the broadcast, I told you how the United Nations took a historic opportunity to officially condemn the terrorist organization Hamas, and squandered it out of cowardice.

Hamas has committed countless atrocities against Israel. They have fired deadly rockets at innocent Israeli civilians.

When a resolution to condemn Hamas came to the table, instead of doing what was right, the U.N. pulled an 11th hour switch, changing the rules to require a 2/3rds vote, rather than a traditional majority.

In every similar vote to condemn Israel on absurd human rights abuse charges, the majority vote has been used. But when given the opportunity to condemn the true terrorists – the group that fired rockets at an Israeli kindergarten – they folded.

As a result, the resolution fell flat. Hamas is free to continue its attacks on Israel unchecked.

It’s baffling hypocrisy on the part of the U.N., shamelessly demonstrating its anti-Israel bias.

We’re taking on the anti-Israel attacks directly at the U.N., as well as in multiple cases in U.S. federal courts, at the International Criminal Court (ICC), and directly through our office on the ground in Jerusalem – Israel’s capital.

I’ve mobilized our legal team to let the U.N. know this anti-Israel gamesmanship will not be permitted to stand.

We must and will defend our ally Israel.

Listen to the full broadcast here.

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