Taliban Is "Bringing Back" Executions as They Demand Representation at the U.N.


Jordan Sekulow

September 24, 2021

4 min read

United Nations



The Taliban is seeking recognition at the United Nations as the official government of Afghanistan. They have also announced through a spokesperson that they are going to install harsh Islamic law like they have in the past, including such draconian practices as executions of women and minors in front of huge crowds at stadiums. As we expected, the promised new Taliban was merely a deception.

Meanwhile, as the Biden Administration is funding the Taliban – terrorists who execute their own citizens in stadiums – funding for our ally Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense system almost did not pass Congress. The Iron Dome had to be debated in a standalone vote to be approved. Thankfully, it was approved, but what world do we live in where we would fund terrorists and not our allies?

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed how the world is recognizing the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan:

I am very concerned. I think there are too many countries around the world who for various reasons . . . will accommodate the Taliban in ways that are completely inappropriate with their terrorist status. The good news is that the United States could stop that. The United States could make clear that we believe the Taliban are not the rightful governors of the people of Afghanistan and, in fact, they are a terrorist organization. And when the U.S. does that, and when we step forward, then these other countries will be much less likely to provide the Taliban with the fuel, resources, and ammunition – all of the things they need to begin to build out what they are hoping will ultimately be recognition by the world as being appropriate to be a part of the international community. That is not true. We must do everything we can to prevent it. I hope this Administration will do that.

Sec. Pompeo added what he thinks of the reality that funding for the Taliban has taken priority over funding for our ally Israel:

It is nuts. . . . It is literally the converse of how the Trump Administration thought about the problem set of keeping America safe and making sure we knew who our friends were and punishing our enemies. To begin to underwrite the Taliban in ways that they are not only undeserving of but will use those funds for nefarious purposes. . . .  is sick. Your point on the progressives basically owning the entire Democrat party when it comes to the relationship between the U.S. and Israel forcing the stripping out of that language is so deeply anti-Zionist and deeply inconsistent with making sure your partners and friends are supported. . . . I was frankly surprised at the progress that the hard Left part of the party had made inside the Democrat party. It does not bode well for our relationship between the U.S. and Israel to say that the Democrat Party is willing to walk away from funding for defensive weapon systems for the people of Israel.

Our national security isn’t just suffering internationally. We have a security crisis erupting at our own border. The tone of the Biden Administration has been weak thus far when it comes to these international threats. However, when it comes to the border crisis, President Biden expressed his frustration against his own border agents.

After a photo was released to the public that included several border patrol agents appearing to be on a horse with ropes and reins controlling the crowds of Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas, President Biden spoke out:

Of course, I take responsibility. I’m President. But it was horrible to see what you saw. To see people treated like they did. Horses nearly running them over and people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay.

There were no “straps” or whips as far as anyone can say. And the bigger outrage should be where was this language when 13 U.S. Service Members were mercilessly killed in Afghanistan as a result of President Biden’s weakness and incompetence?

Our border patrol agents have been plunged into an impossible situation with the number of migrants surging the border. And they were put in this situation because of President Biden’s own policies. We have already filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was ignored by the Biden Administration. So, we’ve filed a lawsuit to hold these leaders accountable for the crisis on the border.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the Taliban demanding representation at the U.N., the Iron Dome Missile Defense System funding, and the border crisis.

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