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The President has made a strong statement at the U.N. regarding globalism.

Today on the broadcast we discussed President Trump speaking before an international audience at the U.N. General Assembly this morning, where he sent a firm, clear message regarding that we have no intention of giving up our sovereignty.

"Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first. The future does not belong to globalists; the future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.”

It’s not just about America first. Every nation should put its own independence and democracy first. It’s common sense. Don’t surrender your individuality for some global state. The President’s message to the world was be proud of your nation, and respect the nations around you, and respect their sovereignty. That also means respect borders.

As the President said:

If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold onto your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation.

As our own Andy Ekonomou pointed out, each nation represented there had a head of state or an ambassador in attendance and the President was speaking directly to them saying if you want democracy, you must hold on to your sovereignty. That is how you gain the respect of the world and garner peace, despite the globalist bent of the United Nations.

President Trump also took an unprecedented stand before the U.N. publicly defending the unborn and nations that seek to protect innocent babies.

“We want and support religious liberty for all. Americans will also never tire of defending innocent life. We are aware that many UN projects have attempted to assert a global right to tax payer funded abortion on demand right up until the moment of delivery. Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life.”

There has never been a President who has stood before the world and unequivocally defended the unborn like this.

The President also reiterated his commitment to religious liberty around the world, just as we told you he did when speaking to The Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom the day before. President Trump reiterated the statistic that 80% of religious believers in the world suffer from persecution. There were representatives from many if not all of the countries that constitute that 80% sitting in that room, including China and the Middle East.

We’ve been trying for decades to get a sitting U.S. President to make a statement like this.

If ever you thought elections don’t really matter, this is proof that they do.  

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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