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Watch the ACLJ's live daily radio show, Jay Sekulow Live, at Noon eastern right on the homepage. Or listen to our broadcast by finding a radio station nearest you by clicking here.

You can also browse past shows and listen to our radio archive below.

U.N. Chooses Terrorism Over Israel


1544202000000 U.N. Chooses Terrorism Over Israel. This and more, today.

BREAKING: UN Prepared to Condemn Hamas


1544115600000 BREAKING: U.N. Prepared to Condemn Hamas Today. This and more.

Remembering President Bush


1544029200000 Remembering President George H. W. Bush. This and more, today.

Israel Attacks Hezbollah Tunnels


1543942800000 Israel Attacks Hezbollah Terror Tunnels. This and more, today.

Iran Tests Advanced Ballistic Missile


1543856400000 Iran Tests Advanced Ballistic Missile. This and more.

President Cancels Meeting With Putin


1543597200000 President Cancels Meeting With Vladimir Putin at G20. This and more, today.

Marshals, DEA Dispatched to the Border


1543510800000 US Marshals, DEA Agents Dispatched to the Border. This and more, today.

President to Shut Down Government?


1543424400000 President Willing to Shut Down Government Over Border Security. This and more.

President Demands 5 Billion for Wall


1543338000000 President Demands 5 Billion Dollars for Border Wall. This and more.

A Crisis at the Border


1543251600000 A Crisis at the Border. This and more, today.