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Stop Biden’s Ploy To Pack the Supreme Court



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Stop President Biden’s Political Ploy To Pack the Supreme Court

President Biden and the radical Left are advancing a political ploy to pack the Supreme Court.

President Biden has established a commission to “reform” the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary, and he’s packed it with radical Left ideologues bent on packing the courts.

He actually called our judicial system – and the Supreme Court – “out of whack.”

The Constitution NEVER envisioned the Supreme Court becoming a partisan rubber stamp where the party in power could just add Justices until they get their way. FDR tried to pack the Court – and failed.

The radical Left wants to use the courts to UNDO EVERYTHING WE’VE DONE. They want to add as many as six (6) more Supreme Court seats. And they want to slap on term limits for existing judges to force out conservatives. It’s flatly unconstitutional.

That’s not tipping the scales of justice – it’s knocking them to the ground. Even some on the Left in the Senate have said this scheme is bad for America.

The ACLJ won’t let them shred the Constitution and make a mockery of the judiciary. Take action with us.

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