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Appoint a Constitutional Conservative to the Supreme Court



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Appoint a Constitutional Conservative to the Supreme Court

This is the fight of a lifetime.

It could be a historic shift on the Supreme Court. The President must appoint and the Senate must confirm a constitutional conservative Justice.

The next Supreme Court Justice could determine some of the most monumental issues of our time: abortion, religious liberty, national security, and free speech. Many of these issues are ALREADY pending before the Supreme Court as it begins its next term.

The time to nominate and confirm is now.

The Left knows this and is already mounting a scorched-earth campaign to defeat the nominee, whoever she is. They will stop at nothing, and we know how they fight.

Planned Parenthood has already said, “The fate of” abortion could be determined by this fight. Speaker Pelosi says she won’t rule out another bogus impeachment to try to block a Senate vote.

We’re mobilizing on Capitol Hill. We were built for this moment, already successfully advocating the confirmation of two qualified conservative Supreme Court Justices in the past few years. It’s time to do it again.

Have your voice heard. Demand the appointment and confirmation of a constitutional conservative Justice to the Supreme Court NOW.

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