John Roberts Supreme Court Confirmation Center

June 15, 2011

With the nomination of John Roberts to a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States and another nomination pending, the American Center for Law and Justice is playing a pivotal role in the confirmation process. On this page, you will find information that we hope will be helpful concerning John Roberts who has been nominated by President Bush as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Sign Our Petition to Support The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr. Watch Jay Sekulows Video Report from the Confirmation Hearings Background Information ACLJ Supreme Court Summary - The Facts Behind the Opinion in the Abortion Case, Bray v. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic View John Roberts, Jr.'s Background Information Television interview from the year 2000 In The News ACLJ: Senate Judiciary Committee Vote for John Roberts Shows Conservative Judicial Philosophy Represents "Mainstream" America ACLJ: John Roberts' Testimony "Open and Honest" in Confirmation Hearings Before Senate Judiciary Committee ACLJ: Day One of Confirmation Hearings Shows True Agenda of Liberal Senators and Gave John Roberts Critical Opportunity to Show He Understands Proper Role of Supreme Court Transcript: Opening Remarks of Judge John Roberts Before Senate Judiciary Committee as Confirmation Hearings Begin in Washington, D.C. ACLJ Calls for Fair Confirmation Hearing for Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts ACLJ Calls on Senate to Move Quickly in Confirmation Process for John Roberts A Time of Transition at the Supreme Court of the United States by Jay Sekulow ACLJ: Nomination of John Roberts as Chief Justice of Supreme Court "Extraordinary" Choice The White House - President Bush Nominates John Roberts as Chief Justice of Supreme Court to Succeed William Rehnquist (Transcript) ACLJ says Chief Justice Rehnquist Served the Nation With Honor and Integrity ACLJ Responds to Americans United for Separation of Church and States Attack Against Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts ACLJ Responds to People For the American Way's Attack Against Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts ACLJ: Americans United Report to Discredit John Roberts on Church-State Issues is "Faulty" and Will Fail Commentary - Should the Religious Faith of John Roberts Be an Issue at the Confirmation Hearings? - By Jay Sekulow ACLJ Calls Opposition by People for the American Way to Supreme Court Nominee Roberts "Desperate" Attempt That Will Fail ACLJ: Release of John Roberts' Documents Show Conservative Judicial Philosophy on Issues Ranging from School Prayer to Abortion ACLJ: NARAL Decides to Pull John Roberts Ad on Abortion -- Americans Don't Want Smear Campaign ACLJ: From the Atty Who Argued the Supreme Court Case: NARAL Ad on John Roberts - Factually-Flawed and Reprehensible ACLJ: NARAL Ad on John Roberts Outrageous - Ad Distorts Truth About Supreme Court Abortion Case ACLJ says 2000 TV Interview with John Roberts Underscores His Judicial Philosophy of Interpreting Constitution - Not Legislating from the Bench ACLJ: Internal Documents of John Roberts Should Not Be Released - Political "Fishing Expedition" Violates Attorney-Client Privilege ACLJ Calls John Roberts, Jr. - President Bush's Supreme Court Nominee - an "Exceptional" Choice Who Will Interpret the Constitution Read News Stories About John Roberts Read the transcript of President George W. Bush's announcement of Judge John Roberts as his Supreme Court nominee Jay's Trial Notebook Hearing Update: John Roberts Exhibits Integrity and Candor John Roberts Answers Questions Regarding Abortion Roberts Hearing Gets Underway; ACLJ Preparing New Case Judiciary Hearings for John Roberts Set to Begin Monday Roberts Nominated for Chief Justice Preparing for the Hearing The Ginsburg Standard Judge Roberts Has Argued 39 Supreme Court Cases Judge Roberts Well Qualified President Nominates John Roberts Audio Listen to Our Radio Ads In Support of John Roberts: Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow comments on the mobilization of Liberal Activist groups. The President has Nominated Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. It is up to the Senate to confirm John G. Roberts, Jr. John Roberts prepares for hearings in front of the Senate. John Roberts will interpret the Constitution not rewrite it. NARAL resorts to untruths to oppose John Roberts. People For the American Way claim to represent mainstream America: Is this mainstream America? People For the American Way opposes pornography filters on public library computers; regulation of hardcore internet pornography; restrictions on simulated child pornography; school choice; voluntary prayer in public places. People For the American Way supports deleting under God from the Pledge of Allegiance; redefinition of traditional marriage; voting rights for felons; forcing the Boy Scouts to permit openly gay scoutmasters; partial birth abortion; judicially imposed tax hikes; removing the Ten Commandments from public settings.