They targeted former President Trump. Now they’re targeting you.

Not one of us is safe. President Biden is taking action to weed out anyone who doesn’t agree with his ultra-liberal agenda by weaponizing the IRS and the FBI against conservative citizens:

  • The FBI, under the authority of President Biden’s DOJ, showed up at the home of pro-life Americans with weapons drawn.
  • Democrats in Congress authorized 87,000 new IRS agents, creating an “IRS army” to fund their socialist Green New Deal.
  • Biden’s Attorney General labeled concerned American parents as domestic terrorists for demanding accountability when “wokeness” invaded our children’s schools.

The American Center for Law and Justice is fighting back and demanding oversight and intervention by Congress. The weaponization of Deep State agencies like the DOJ, FBI, and IRS must cease NOW.

Join us to demand Congress hold these Deep State agencies accountable.