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Justice Restored for Little Girl

By CeCe Heil1398795003000

We recently assisted a mother and her daughter in Tucson, Arizona, who requested our assistance when the daughter was told that she could no longer bring her Bible to school. The daughter had been bringing her Bible to school to read and to discuss with other students during her free time. Some students reported her to the teacher, who then spoke to the Dean of Students. Consequently, the daughter was told that she could no longer bring her Bible to school.

When the mother contacted us for help, we provided information about the relevant legal principles regarding students’ constitutional rights. The law is clear that schools cannot prevent students from bringing their Bibles to school, and must, in fact, allow students to read their Bibles during free time, even if that free time occurs in the classroom. Any restriction that limits a student’s ability to bring their Bible to school, to read it during non-instructional time, and to pray and discuss matters of religion with other students, is a violation of their First Amendment rights.

The mother reviewed the information provided and gained an understanding of the relevant legal principles. After reviewing the material, she spoke with the school principal, who agreed that the daughter should be allowed to bring her Bible to school. We received an email from the mother, informing us that the principal spoke with the teacher to ensure that the teacher understood the daughter’s rights. She also added, “[T]he matter was resolved very quickly. Thank you again for your help.”

We are pleased that we were able to assist this mother and daughter, and are committed to helping protect religious liberty in our communities when it is threatened.

Under Attack Again in Federal Court

By Geoffrey Surtees1511978140620

As explained here , the Trump administration issued Interim Final Rules last month regarding religious and moral exemptions under the HHS abortion-pill mandate. For years, we fought for the government to provide these conscience protections. The previous administration’s campaign to force religious...

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MRFF Attacks a Christian, The Chaplains’ Flag

By Wesley Smith1511975032084

In the latest attack by Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the target is not only the United States military (MRFF’s venomous specialty) but is also an attack on history, in this case the history of the Korean War. At Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, there is a...

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Christian Realtors Face Government Discrimination

By ACLJ.org1510936124128

Government regulators are at it again. They have issued complaints against Christian realtors who run their business in accordance with their faith. Instead of protecting our constitutional rights, the government insists on silencing Christians and singling them out for discrimination. We have...

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ACLJ Files at Supreme Court Supporting Prayer

By Michelle Terry1510345558355

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) today filed an amicus curiae brief – friend-of-the-court brief – at the Supreme Court of the United States in support of legislative prayer. In the case Rowan County, North Carolina v. Lund , we are asking the Court to support the county’s request to...

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