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The CDC says that reopening schools is “critically important.”

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live/Logan Sekulow ReProgram, we discussed the CDC’s announcement that reopening schools is “critically important” and why we agree.

For many families, the start of the school year is only weeks away. But right now, everyone is a little unsure, as plans are still unclear.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has actually gone somewhat against the norm by saying that they think it’s important for schools to open. That’s the same stance that the President and others have been pushing for the last few months, as we’ve been trying to figure out what the 2020-2021 school year will look like.

The CDC not only said that schools should reopen, it backed up its statement with a whole document explaining why reopening is important. Specifically it pointed to the impact on lower and middle income households, as well as areas where there’s not great Internet access, and where it’s typically less feasible for parents to stay home. Many families also rely on schools to provide meals to their kids.

The CDC also pointed out that upon performing an assessment on math programs in March, when the lockdowns began and students began virtual learning, there was a clear degeneration in the quality of education.

My co-host, Will Haynes, explained:

That is one of the biggest fears that the CDC balanced in their report, when they were looking at how do we put these guidelines forward? We know that the states, governors, politicians, and the school boards are all looking to us for some guidance. They weighed the issues of children not getting the learning they need and how that’s going to set them back throughout their entire life going forward. With the transmission rate, even the infection rate for the school age is much lower than other age brackets. So they look at this and they took all of these into consideration and they came out with a pretty strong statement in favor of reopening. Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC, he actually said it is ‘critically important for our public health for schools to open this fall.’

The full broadcast of this episode of Jay Sekulow Live/Logan Sekulow ReProgram is complete with much more discussion about school reopening, Planned Parenthood admitting its racist founding, and much more.

Watch the full broadcast below.

If Pandemic Closes Schools, Put Kids 1st – Give Parents Options

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