The Hidden Campaign Against Christianity - Sekulow TV

August 14, 2021

We’ve already seen the many ways Leftist governments have used crises as an instrument to single out and shut down worship and church services. But now, the ACLJ’s new case truly illustrates the depths of the hidden war against Christianity happening within our own government.

In the United States, believers and churches enjoy certain protections and rights secured by the U.S. Constitution and statutes in the face of discrimination and mistreatment by the government. From its founding, the ACLJ has fought to protect those rights for believers and churches. Now we’re doing it again.

The ACLJ has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Virginia on behalf of a church we represent – Alive Church of the Nazarene. This lawsuit is a religious land use/zoning case brought under the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) statutes and the United States Constitution.

Here’s what happened. Prince William County, a powerful county in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. – and one of the richest counties in the nation – is blocking our client, a church, from worshiping and functioning on their land because the church cannot get an ABC license (a liquor license) because of its denominational stance on alcohol. Watch this episode of Sekulow TV to learn the details of our case.