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Taking the Muzzle Off Christian Faith

By Allison Fick1431633240324

Recently, a public high school student was told that she could neither discuss God nor her biblical views on Creation in a class assignment.  Her faith was being silenced.

Her family contacted the ACLJ and we took immediate action.  This type of anti-Christian discrimination directly violates the Constitution.  We’re happy to announce an important victory for her rights.  The ACLJ was there for her just like we’ve been there for public school students for decades, standing up for and defending students’ free speech rights and religious freedoms.

Last month, we were contacted by a mother in Washington state who has a daughter in high school. Her daughter was assigned to present a timeline of Earth’s formation in her biology class. Based on her strongly held biblical belief that God created the Earth, this young girl wanted to express in her class project and share with her classmates what she believes. After reviewing her work, the girl’s teacher told her that she was not allowed to present her Biblical views on creationism nor mention God in her assignment.

The mother, concerned about her daughter’s religious freedom, contacted the ACLJ with questions about her daughter’s rights. We provided the mother with pertinent information on students’ constitutional rights and she passed this information on to the school. We are pleased to report that, after reviewing the ACLJ resources, school officials supported the student and allowed her to present her deeply held religious beliefs.

The ACLJ continues to fight for students’ freedoms of religion and speech in school each and every day.

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