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Defend Prayer – Defeat the ACLU




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Defend Prayer – Defeat the ACLU

Prayer is under attack in America like never before.

The ACLU and angry atheist groups are trying to ban prayer at the opening of town council meetings. But we’re ready to fight back in court.

For years, county commissioners have opened meetings in prayer, inviting members of the community to join them.

The ACLU and other leftist groups are filing lawsuits seeking to strike down legislative prayer – and they have won in some courts. It’s a growing threat.

The ACLJ has argued these types of cases numerous times before the Supreme Court. Prayer doesn’t violate the Constitution. In fact, the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld legislative prayer.

But the radical ACLU won’t give up, and neither will we. We’ve helped successfully defend legislative prayer at the Supreme Court before and we’re ready to defend it again in courts across America. Take action with us.

Committee to Defend Legislative Prayer

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