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Defend Christmas from Satanist Attacks




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Defend Christmas from Satanist Attacks

It’s an outrageous attack on Christmas.

Satanic Temples and other Satanists are demanding that a Satanic display be erected in the Illinois and Michigan State Capitols, alongside traditional Christian and Jewish holiday displays – and both states caved.

The Illinois statue features a hand holding an apple with a snake slithering around the arm and the words “Knowledge is Power.” In Michigan, it’s a “demon goat.”

It’s a mockery of Christmas.

Illinois representatives claimed it was a First Amendment issue and they had no choice but to allow the so-called “Snaketivity.”

Legally, they are just plain wrong. The ACLJ argued against this very tactic in a similar Supreme Court case, Pleasant Grove v. Summum, and won by a sweeping 9-0 vote.

When a government speaks by having a display, it does NOT have to accept every monument. Illinois and Michigan didn’t have to take the Satanists’ insulting display.

We are preparing critical legal letters to Illinois and Michigan to defend Christmas and the Constitution and set the record straight. We need your name.

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