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President Biden is waging a quiet war on our Christian faith.

Biden's FBI has been CAUGHT spying on Christians, planting undercover agents inside churches, and claiming we are likely to be "violent extremists." We won't let him. But the FBI isn't the only one involved.

Biden's Secret Service threatened to arrest a pastor for praying in front of the Chinese Embassy. Federal security officials kicked out Christians for wearing pro-life attire in at least 3 locations. His Deep State agencies are demanding the Supreme Court overturn your right to go to church on Sunday. And his Department of Education just limited your kids' religious liberty in schools.

Every rule that comes out of Biden's Deep State agencies seems to have some kind of nefarious attack on Christians buried in it.

At the ACLJ, we're engaged in each one of these cases. And we're about to file a massive lawsuit against Biden's FBI over the targeting of Christians.

As we battle in court to defend your Christian faith from these endless assaults, take urgent action with us.

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Defeat Biden's War on Our Christian Faith

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