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Breaking: Terror in London


Conf. Hearing for Judge Gorsuch Begins


1490112000000 Hearings begin to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States. This and more today on the program.

FBI Dir Comey Testifies on the Hill


1490025600000 FBI Director Comey testifies today. We break this hearing down today on the program.

Israel Declared Apartheid State at UN


1489766400000 Breaking: UN Committee declares Israel an apartheid state. This and more today on the program.

Federal Judge Issues Block on New EO


1489680000000 A Federal Judge issued a nationwide block on new Executive order. We discuss this and more today on the program.

Who Leaked the Trump Tax Returns?


1489593600000 Twice now have parts of President Trump's tax returns have been leaked tot he media. Who is the source of the leaks? We discuss this and more today on the program.

The Latest on Repealing ObamaCare


1489507200000 Breaking down the CBO Report, the fight to defund Planned Parenthood, and more today on the program.

Latest on EO Legal Battles


1489420800000 We just filed a brief defending the revised Executive order in federal court. The latest on these latest legal battles and more on today’s program.