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Government Corruption

Will Comey Be Subpoenaed?

US Leaves UN Human Rights Council


1529596800000 U.S. has left the UN Human Rights Council. We talk about this and more, today.

Fixing the Family Crisis at the Border


1529510400000 Join us as we talk about the family crisis at the border and how to fix it. This and more, today.

Comey Under Investigation for Leaks


1529424000000 Happening Now: Comey under investigation for leaks. This and more, today.

Who's "FBI Attorney 2" in IG Report?


1529337600000 Who is "FBI Attorney 2" in the IG Report? This and more, today.

James Comey's Usurpation of Authority


1529078400000 James Comey's Usurpation of Authority. This and more.

Inspector General Releases His Report


1528992000000 Pressure on Comey, as Inspector General Releases His Report. This and more, today.

US Gets Tough On Turkey


1528905600000 US to Halt Sales of F-35s to Turkey Until Pastor Brunson is Released. This and more, today.

Historic Summit Between US and N Korea


1528819200000 Historic Summit Between United States and North Korea. This and more, today.

Hours Away from Historic Summit


1528732800000 Hours Away from Historic US / Korean Summit. This and more, today.