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The President tried to present his case for increased border security to Congress, and the Left refused to listen. Tonight, President Trump is speaking directly to the American people.

On today’s broadcast, we discussed the President’s planned address tonight where he’ll be discussing the state of our southern border with Mexico, and the possibility of declaring a national emergency to deal with the current crisis.

Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, who in 2006 acknowledged the need for enhanced border security when they voted for the Secure Fence Act, are now criticizing the President, claiming there is no emergency.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said last year alone it encountered more than 3,000 “special interest aliens” at our southern border. Per the DHS definition, a special interest alien is “a non-U.S. person who, based on an analysis of travel patterns, potentially poses a national security risk to the United States or its interests . . . employing travel patterns known or evaluated to possibly have a nexus to terrorism.”

3,000 individuals who are potential national security risks at our border displaying familiar behaviors similar to known terrorist activities is an emergency.  Dangerous drugs like heroin are flooding our country through the southern border, destroying lives by the hundreds-of-thousands. That’s an emergency. Gangs, human traffickers – these are becoming overwhelming emergencies. We’ve got to do something now.

On Thursday the President is planning to visit the border, spend time on the ground with our border patrol officials, and witness the current situation firsthand.

I support the President’s call for enhanced border security immediately. The major television networks are giving the Democrats “equal time” after the President’s speech.

That’s when we’ll see if the Left plans to challenge the President’s authority, or if they are willing to work toward securing our border and ending the government shutdown.

You can listen to the entire show here.

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