Trump Sued By New York Attorney General


Jay Sekulow

September 21

4 min read

Radical Left



Just a few hours ago, New York Attorney General Letitia James held a press conference where she announced that she filed a civil lawsuit against President Donald Trump, his businesses, and even his three oldest children, Don Jr, Erik, and Ivanka.

As it’s being reported:

The New York state attorney general filed a sweeping lawsuit Wednesday against former President Donald Trump, three of his adult children and the Trump Organization, alleging they were involved in an expansive fraud lasting over a decade that the former President used to enrich himself.

In the more than 200-page lawsuit, Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, alleges the fraud touched all aspects of the Trump business, including its properties and golf courses. According to the lawsuit, the Trump Organization deceived lenders, insurers and tax authorities by inflating the value of his properties using misleading appraisals.

Of course, the first question many of us have asked was, is this just another attempt to stop President Trump from running for president again in 2024? The idea of it terrifies the radical Left and they will weaponize politics, the judicial system, whatever it requires to stop another Trump bid for the White House. Perhaps they are aware of what a terrible position America has been thrust into, economically, politically, legally, in just the last two years, and they’re finally worried. That would explain this unrelenting campaign to ruin President Trump practically since the day he was elected – maybe even before. And with every failed attempt, they’ve come back with something new, and often absurd.

It also has to be acknowledged that this particular state AG, Letitia James, has been targeting President Trump for the past five years or more. During her own campaign ads she promised to continue investigating the President and to sue him, including in a 2018 James campaign ad where she promised that: “The days of Donald Trump are coming to an end.”

That same year in an Instagram video she was asked by a supporter if she would sue Donald Trump. Then candidate James answered: “Oh we’re going to definitely sue him. We’re going to be a real pain in his (expletive). He’s going to know my name personally.”

Forgive me but it’s hard to overlook what certainly looks like personal bias and questionable motivation from Attorney General James. Nevertheless, she’s apparently making good on her campaign promise, just four years later.

ACLJ Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell echoed this concern, and stated that this entire lawsuit is a political ploy to stop President Trump from running again and to scare conservative voters from showing up at the polls:

Of course this is totally political. Everybody knows it’s totally political. Letitia James has weaponized her office . . . She’s decided to persecute Donald Trump so therefore she’s going back years to find anything that she can. This is an assault on Donald Trump. It is clear that the Democrats are afraid that he is going to come back. They’re weaponizing every single agency. Every American should be fearful because it’s not really just about Donald Trump. It’s about anyone who stands up to them, and is effective enough, and impactful enough to take them on . . . Donald Trump is a fighter. He fights back. They don’t want him, so they are going to do what they can with the power of government, weaponize government, go after them with legal, phony cases from years ago. This is not stopping.

Ric also made the powerful statement that: “These people are reckless in using the weaponry of government against their political enemies, and crushing dissent.”

It’s just what we’ve been saying. The radical Left spent four years obsessed with trying to remove President Trump from office. Now they’re obsessed with stopping him from ever running again. Whatever the motivation behind this latest lawsuit, I will caution that political vendettas weaponized by legal systems are extremely dangerous, and always backfire. The ACLJ legal team will be closely reviewing the AG’s lawsuit to bring you more information and give you our legal analysis.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more in-depth analysis of AG James’ press conference and the announcement that she is filing a lawsuit against President Trump, including more unique analysis from Ric Grenell.

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