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Come January, the balance of power in Washington will be razor thin.

The final 55 days of this congressional term will be the most dangerous. Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden’s Deep State have complete control of power.

The radical Left and the Deep State are going to pull out all the stops to force through extreme legislation, regulation, and manipulation while they are in complete control.

We have our eyes wide open, and we’re ready to fight back against their insidious corruption in court. We’re carefully watching the election counting and Georgia’s Senate runoff. We’re mobilizing our office on Capitol Hill so we can rapidly respond to the backlash and lawless overreach that is coming from President Biden.

Our Government Accountability Project is prepared to defeat President Biden and stop him from crushing the Constitution. We’re aggressively battling the Deep State in numerous cases with looming deadlines.

But we need YOU to take urgent action with us.

Petition To Stop Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and the Radical Left’s 55 Days of Danger


Radical Left

Stop the Radical Left’s 55 Days of Danger

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