The radical Left's assault on conservatives, our speech, the candidates we support, and even the integrity of our elections has reached a boiling point.

A Washington State Park volunteer and military veteran was even "FIRED" for refusing to remove Trump bumper stickers from his personal truck because someone who hates President Trump complained, calling our client an "insurrectionalist [sic]."

It's an absolute outrage, and we filed a major lawsuit in federal court to defend his rights. The radical Left and Deep State government officials don't get to trample on the Constitution because they don't like the candidate you support.

But this isn't just happening in one deep blue state. It's happening all across the country. Your rights are at stake; your political speech is at stake. We must prevent governments from interfering in our elections, and that includes who you support. This case will have a major impact on your rights.

We've been defending the Constitution for decades – including a unanimous political speech victory at the Supreme Court. We're your last line of defense in court. Take action with us.

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Stop the Radical Left From Eviscerating Your Rights

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