Inflation is skyrocketing. The supply chain is broken. Food prices are out of control. And there’s unprecedented pain at the gas pump.

The worst part is this is INTENTIONAL. President Biden is waging war on American families to push through the radical Left’s Socialist Green New Deal agenda. Inflation and gas prices are a feature, not a bug.

All Americans are hurting, as the Biden Administration destroys the best economy we’ve ever seen and holds gas prices ransom to Green New Deal radicals.

At the ACLJ, we’re aggressively fighting on Capitol Hill to demand President Biden unleash American energy and make us energy independent once again. Immediately reopen the Keystone XL pipeline, authorize robust permitting of exploration and production of oil and natural gas across America, including in Alaska and offshore. American energy isn’t evil; it’s critical to our national security and American families.

Recent history shows us it can be done, but time is of the essence. Stand with us and insist President Biden restore American energy independence and alleviate this economic crisis NOW.

Petition To Demand the Biden Administration Restore and Increase Domestic Energy Production To Alleviate the Economic Crisis



Radical Left

Stop President Biden’s Economic War on American Families

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