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Stop Pelosi’s Plot To Remove the President



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Stop Pelosi’s Plot To Remove the President

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the radical Left are desperate to remove the President.

The Mueller investigation didn’t work. Impeachment didn’t work. Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is manipulating the 25th Amendment to REMOVE THE PRESIDENT.

Speaker Pelosi is pushing legislation to allow her cronies in Congress to establish a commission with the power to declare the President “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

It’s obvious what they are doing here. Pelosi’s commission would have the power to strip the President of his constitutional power at will. Understand the implications of this. It would be a fundamental change to the operation of the 25th Amendment to undermine the presidency.

It would be unprecedented and dangerous for our country.

We still have a chance to stop this plot against the presidency. But we must act now. We’ve mobilized our legal and Government Affairs teams in Washington, D.C., to fight back. Take action with us.

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