SEC. POMPEO IN STUDIO: "This Is Biden's Inflation"


Jordan Sekulow

June 17, 2022

5 min read

Radical Left



Today ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former U.S. Secretary of State under President Donald Trump Mike Pompeo joined us live in the Sekulow studio to discuss a number of urgent issues affecting the American people.

Of course one of the top issues right now is the skyrocketing inflation that is causing so many American families to struggle and make hard decisions just to make basic ends meet.

The Biden Administration wants us all to believe that inflation and the ridiculously high gas prices across the country are Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault. But as Sec. Pompeo pointed out, this is all on President Joe Biden:

I hear the President go out and he talks about Putin’s tax or Putin’s inflation. No, Mr. President, you own every bit of this. These are policy decisions that they [the Biden Administration] made. Day One, they closed down the Keystone Pipeline. They made it very clear that if you invest in fossil fuels, you will be penalized. They sent out a letter in the last few days now begging the same companies that they threatened to put a windfall profits tax on, threatening them. You had this massive spending package, this so-called American Rescue Plan COVID relief bill that just threw dollars into the economy. And then they have this set of incentives for people NOT to go back to work. And so you have this supply chain disruption where in America, in the United States of America, there is no baby formula on our shelves. The President’s policies own this. They are the reason for the pain that American families are feeling all across the country. They can fix them, but it doesn’t appear to me that they have any interest in doing so.

The Biden Administration keeps shrugging its shoulders, claiming inflation is high everywhere around the world; but while, yes, inflation is up around the world, no one is feeling it as hard as the United States.

As Sec. Pompeo explained:

That’s absolutely true. U.S. policy is followed by so many countries in the world – how we think about our own interest rates; how we think about our own economy. We’re the driving force at the Paris Climate Accords . . . These things all have huge implications. If you’re an ordinary family in Minnesota or Texas or wherever it may be, you are feeling higher prices in everything you buy – from the cereal you buy for your kid to the gasoline to drive the kids to soccer games.  Those are all now so much more expensive for you . . .

The former Secretary of State pointed out that, during his tenure, the Trump Administration was able to prevent this sort of debilitating inflation while also lowering unemployment:

We know the policies. We delivered them for four years. We don’t have to guess. We don’t have to ask, would this work? We know what works. We can demonstrably say we had the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans, for Hispanics, for women in the history of the United States of America. We had an economy that was growing. We had risk-takers out there willing to build their little businesses, every small company, every small startup in the country was willing to go out and take risks. That’s all been blown up by this Administration and the progressive Left.

Unfortunately, we have an Administration that continues to undo every existing policy that kept us from feeling this pain at the pump and the grocery store, as well as when we get our utility bills this summer. I can only imagine what energy bills are going to look like for families trying to cool their homes during this already unusually hot summer across much of the country.

A caller asked how do we, as the American people – who our leaders, including the President, are supposed to serve – save America from these destructive policies. My dad, ACLJ Senior Counsel Jay Sekulow, presented that question to Sec. Pompeo:

For ordinary citizens, this is our moment . . . We’re going to have a big election here in just a handful of months. People will start voting in the general election – I think right after Labor Day – so just a couple months from now. Tell your friends, make sure they’re all committed, that they understand there is an awful lot at stake in November. And then my last thought, America has always had challenges.  When we get America back on the right track, it is almost always because people come together around our core institutions. Think of your church. Cook the extra chili for your Wednesday dinner. Take care of your own family. These institutions of family and faith and church, these are the things that build an America.  

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes even more discussion with Sec. Mike Pompeo about how we combat Biden’s inflation, return America to being energy independent, and many more issues affecting American families right now.

Watch the full broadcast below.