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The Left wants to remake the Supreme Court in its own image in order to implement its own extreme agenda. Fortunately, elections have consequences, and they don’t have the White House.

On today’s show, we discussed how leading Democrats have been floating the idea of expanding the Supreme Court by adding additional justices.

Of course that is only if the Democrats take back the White House and Senate in 2020.

It’s an idea called “court packing.” The idea is to add more seats to the Supreme Court to skew the numbers to get rulings that meet the ruling agenda.

Former U.S. Attorney General under Obama, Eric Holder stated in a speech that Democrats should “seriously consider adding two seats to the Supreme Court.” And potential Democratic Presidential candidate Paul Buttigieg has suggested he would increase the number of justices from 9 to 15.

Court packing is not a new idea.

President Roosevelt, who pushed this country towards socialism, floated the idea of adding as many as six additional justices to the Supreme Court. FDR’s attempt was blocked by conservative opposition. So it’s not surprising this new socialist Left is reviving the idea again as part of their power grab for 2020. 

Adding justices wouldn’t even require a constitutional amendment. It would simply take an act of Congress.

The odds are Democrats wouldn’t want to do this now, as President Trump could simply veto it. Or, if he so chose, the President could use the additional seats to nominate even more conservative justices to the lifelong appointments.

For now, the Left continues to take the opposite strategy, delaying critical votes on multiple judicial nominees awaiting confirmation. Since taking office, President Trump has nominated over 150 qualified, principled conservative judges, including 2 Supreme Court Justices, yet many still wait to be confirmed because the Senate has not voted.

Democrats are stonewalling to keep these conservative appointments from being confirmed, trying to literally run out the clock in hopes they’ll regain the majority in 2020. Then they’ll be free to pack the courts and create their extreme Leftist republic.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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