Allies of CA Governor Newsom Unveil Undemocratic Plan To Block Valid Recall Effort by “Reducing Signatures” | American Center for Law and Justice
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Allies of CA Governor Newsom Unveil Plan To Block Valid Recall

By Richard A. Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1613771088688

Gavin Newsom could be in the political fight of his life.  The California Governor, who political operatives in the Golden State believe is on a path to become President, is facing a serious Recall effort that could derail his political ambitions.

The grassroots activists spearheading the Recall have so far gathered 1.6 million unverified petitions of the 1.5 million required. What seems to be a sure thing, though, isn’t. Newsom and his Leftist allies in the state aren’t giving up yet.

One ally of the current Governor tripped up this week and said the quiet part out loud.  Democrat State Senator Steve Glazer, representing the 7th Senate District in Northern California, made it clear to a reporter that the Left’s strategy is to reduce the number of validated signatures so that they can avoid a Recall altogether.  

“Our collective action should be all about reducing signatures that would create this political chaos,” said Glazer.

So just how will the Left in California reduce signatures?

Well, it might be easier than you think.  Newsom’s radical Left allies control every state agency, the entire legislature in Sacramento, and almost every newsroom along the 900 miles of the state of California. The one-political-party control over California means the Democrat machine, headed by Newsom, can easily toss out enough signatures to ensure the Recall Newsom effort doesn’t even get to a vote of the people.

As Glazer points out, it will be a “collective” effort for the party in power.

But the 200,000 volunteers and activists who have been gathering signatures and talking to Californians are not giving up yet.  Over the next 28 days, the Recall campaign will work to gather an overwhelming number of signatures in order to make the Left’s strategy too hard to implement.  It won’t be easy.  Recall organizers believe they will need to turn in more than 2 million signatures, possibly 2.1 million, just to combat the aggressive verification process that will obviously be implemented by the Democrat Secretary of State Shirley Weber. 

Weber’s office will coordinate the authentication process of the currently unverified signatures with the counties, who then have 30 business days to check each signature and determine if it is valid.

Recall organizers, however, believe the people of California are on their side. The anger from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans at the mismanagement of the state is a topic of conversation most every place you go in the state, with restaurant owners being some of the loudest critics of the Governor’s tactics. Newsom also originally closed the beaches of California during the Covid-19 pandemic. But as experts quickly pointed out at the time, pushing people inside instead of being able to socially distance outside was counterproductive. But Newsom has still maintained the most stringent lockdowns the country has seen, and Californians see that it hasn’t worked.  Covid-19 rates for the state are some of the highest in the country. Nevertheless, Newsom continues to keep schools closed, to forbid indoor dining at restaurants, to lockdown gyms and other small business, and to even ban singing in churches – something the ACLJ is actively fighting against in federal court. The anger at Gavin Newsom’s mismanagement, science denying, and political manipulations from Californians on the left, right and center is real. But as signatures to Recall Newsom continue to go up in numbers, radical Progressives have a plan.  And you’ve never seen a signature verification process like the one you will see in California in 2021.

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