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Obama’s 9/10 Strategy in a 9/11 World

By Matthew Clark1411064704000

The sad irony of President Obama’s September 10th address to the nation on ISIS is that he laid out a 9/10 strategy in a 9/11 world.

Thirteen years ago, we awoke on 9/11 and the world had changed.  We awoke to the reality of radical Islamic jihad and its commitment to destroy America.  Now we face an even greater jihadist threat.  Have we forgotten so quickly as a nation?

President Obama unabashedly asserted that ISIS isn’t Islamic.  Yet it’s Islamic to its core, establishing a caliphate – an Islamic State – across large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

He claimed that we can defeat the world’s most powerful jihadist army without our most powerful resources, our soldiers.  He held to his time tested, and utterly failed, narrative of the Middle East, radical Islam, and jihadist terrorists.

President Obama doesn’t get it.

ISIS has more radical, more committed fighters than al Qaeda ever did.  ISIS has hundreds of millions more dollars (maybe billions more) than any other terrorist group in history.  ISIS’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is far more heinous in his tactics than even Osama bin Laden.  In fact, al Qaeda actually kicked ISIS out when ISIS was an al Qaeda affiliate because of its brutality.

Al-Baghdadi, once in U.S. custody before President Obama pulled our forces from Iraq, chillingly told U.S. soldiers “see you in New York.”

Regardless of whether President Obama wants to admit it or not, ISIS is at war with America.  It has already barbarically and publicly beheaded two innocent American civilians.

ISIS has already begun inflicting genocide on Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

We can’t possibly defeat this ISIS threat when our leaders fail to understand who ISIS is – when our President refuses to acknowledge their goals.

Unfortunately, not only the President, but many Americans don’t fully understand the threat posed by ISIS.

For the past several months our team at the ACLJ has been raising the alarm about the severe danger posed by ISIS, not just to Christians and others in the Middle East but to every American.

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow has just released a new book, Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore, explaining in detail the history of ISIS, it’s goals, and most importantly how it can be defeated.

As Jay Sekulow says in the book, if we ignore ISIS, we do so at our own peril.

It’s going to take more than a few missiles and training of Iraqi soldiers to defeat ISIS.  ISIS is firmly entrenched.  It is wining hearts and minds in the Muslim world with its radical jihadist agenda.  It is well funded and well armed.  We must be resolute in our mission to defeat this enemy.

But where can that resolve come from if we don’t understand the clear and present danger that ISIS poses.

If you want to understand ISIS, read this book.  If you want to convince your liberal friends and neighbors of the utter foolishness of President Obama’s 9/10 strategy, get them to read this book.

You can get Rise of ISIS as an ebook right now for your Kindle app, Nook, or iPad, and pre-order the paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It’s already racing up the best sellers lists because the American people want to know they truth.  They want to know the reality of the enemy we face.

ISIS is on the march, beheading children, slaughtering Christians, selling women as sex slaves, and it has its sights set on America.

The reality is we will come face to face with ISIS.  The question is will it be on our terms or theirs?

This article is crossposted on Red State.

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