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Vote on Critical Police Reform



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Vote on Critical Police Reform

We’ve all seen the urgent need for police reform.

Our communities deserve to feel safe. Period. Any officer who uses brutality or excessive force must be held accountable.

The vast majority of police officers in this country are good. But it is clear that police departments need assistance and guidance to do their job properly.

Defunding the police is NOT the solution. We need reform in police training, use of force, and procedural policy.

President Trump’s Executive Order on police reform and Sen. Tim Scott’s newly introduced JUSTICE Act are both excellent first steps in addressing police reform, community safety, and excessive use of force.

Every American, regardless of race, deserves to live without fear of abuse or violence.

These reforms proposed by the President and Sen. Scott are critical first steps to heal the rifts between the police and citizens, while keeping everyone safe.

The shocking reality is that there may not even be the 60 votes needed to even BEGIN debate on this bill. The Senate cannot remain silent.

At the ACLJ, we are calling for the Senate to take up this critical reform legislation. Stand with us and demand a vote now.

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