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The White House Coronavirus Taskforce estimates a death toll of over one hundred thousand Americans.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the COVID-19 Taskforce death toll estimates which could even be as high as two hundred and forty thousand Americans.

Yesterday President Trump and the White House COVID-19 Taskforce, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and Vice-President Pence, gave a briefing on specifically what the coming weeks and even months look like for America. They’ve extended the stay at home guidelines from the original fifteen days to an additional thirty days. I think we can all see the writing on that wall that it could be extended even further beyond that.

More states and localities are taking action. Events are being cancelled well into the summer. The Wimbledon tennis tournament in London was just cancelled today. That occurs in July. We’re seeing long-term cancellations already being put in place.

Yesterday at the White House briefing, President Trump said the following:

Our country is in the midst of a great national trial, unlike any we have ever faced before. You all see it. You see it probably better than most. We’re at war with a deadly virus. Success in this fight will require the full absolute measure of our collective strength, love, and devotion. It’s very important.

Vice-President Mike Pence thanked America:

I want to just say thank you America. Thank you for stepping up. Thank you for putting into practice the 15 days to slow the spread. And thank you for the response of tens of millions have already had, for the 30 days to slow the spread.

What we heard yesterday was very sobering from the President and the White House Taskforce. If we hadn’t taken the precautions that our country is taking right now, we’d be looking at a death toll somewhere near two million American casualties.

We have to prepare as a nation, on the low end, one hundred thousand death and on the high end around two hundred and forty thousand with the mitigation over the next thirty to ninety days. They even predict that on April 15th, that an estimated twenty two hundred people around the United States could die on that single day.

In these trying times we cannot overstate the importance of the power of prayer. Please join us in praying for America and those affected by the COVID-19 virus.

You can listen to the entire episode complete with more discussion and detailed analysis by our team, here.

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