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You won’t even believe this, CNN said last night that the “blue wall seems to be crumbling.”

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed CNN’s reporting on the early vote gap narrowing between Republicans and Democrats. Even CNN’s Don Lemon admitted last night that it appears that the “Blue Wall” is crumbling.

So we have reached the final weekend before Election Day. Our ACLJ Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell, who in his outside capacity is travelling for the RNC, gave us an update from Michigan.

CNN’s Don Lemon, who is no fan of the President, said the following last night during an exchange with a representative from the Biden campaign:

Joe Biden says it is over if Florida goes blue. He is up 3 points over Trump according to CNN’s poll of polls there, but your campaign doesn’t need Florida. Is this time, in Florida today – are you worried that Georgia, he’s in Georgia earlier this week. Should you guys be there more often shoring up this blue wall that seems to be crumbling?

Things are certainly very tight in this election, and clearly even CNN is starting to think that as well.

My dad, Jay Sekulow also discussed a situation the ACLJ is dealing with right, even as things like a presidential election and COVID-19 are still going on. The work of the ACLJ cannot and does not stop. As my dad explained:

We’ve got a situation. We talk about the macro issues, Supreme Court. We talk about the national election but every day at the American Center for Law and Justice, we’re handling cases for students, parents, and teachers. We’ve got thousands of cases in light of the COVID situation helping out families with great results. Every family we help is a win.

But there’s a situation developing in, of all places, southeast Georgia. A child’s school had a superhero day.

My dad then asked ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou to describe the situation further:

This was a superhero day in which the school in southeast Georgia, a public school by the way, was encouraging all the students to dress up as their favorite superhero or heroine or whatever they might be – and to dress up in the costume. This young fifth-grader, ten years old, comes from a family of four. The mother is a pharmacist, so they’re prominent in the community. He came to school and he made his own little costume. He took a Trump flag and put it on as a cape, put on a red shirt, put on a red hat, and he came in. His mother dropped him off at 7:30am and he was doing his pre-school work and he was told by the administration of the school that he had to take off the Trump cape, hat, and to turn his little school shirt that he was wearing with a “T” inside out so that the “T” would not show because they didn’t want to offend anybody.

We had spoken to the mother just before the broadcast this morning, and this is absolutely having negative effects on the child. He did this on his own. This is not something his parents made him do. Again, this is a ten year old. When you get called into the vice-principal’s office and you’re told you did something wrong, it has an effect on you. Whether or not the vice-principal was in the wrong or not, which we believe they were, this will have an adverse effect on this child. The ACLJ is working with this family and child and we will address this situation. This is unacceptable.

As Andy paraphrased, the First Amendment does not stop at the school house door. Students have free speech rights. And this student’s rights were violated.

We will be broadcasting live on our social media starting at 8pm on Election Day where we will bring you our live analysis.

The full broadcast is complete with a lot more discussion and analysis by our team heading into the final weekend before Election Day.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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