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The U.S. Senate and President Trump are remaking the judiciary.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed the fact that the U.S. Senate has confirmed the two hundredth federal judge nominated by President Trump. Nearly a third of the federal appeals court judges in the United States have been nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Elections have consequences. We say that time and time again, but when you think about the sheer number of judicial nominees that President Trump has made, not just nominations but confirmed by the U.S. Senate, it rings true. Senator McConnell has been able to move a lot through the U.S. Senate, some by the tightest of margins. The nomination for the two hundredth federal judge was confirmed 52-48.

Nearly a third of the federal appeals court judges in the United States are not just nominated by conservative Presidents, but were literally nominated by President Trump and confirmed by this U.S. Senate.

ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett made the following point:

These are really remarkable numbers. There are several layers that you can go through but the two hundred federal judges, Article III judges confirmed by the U.S. Senate, nominated by President Trump, is a remarkable number.

I think that fifty-three circuit court judges is maybe more remarkable. Thirty percent, almost one in three of every judge sitting on the court of appeals; that’s the level where most of these cases are decided. Very few cases go all the way to the Supreme Court. Now nearly one in three judges was nominated by President Donald Trump.

There are also a number of circuit courts that have flipped control. You can count them. Ten, nominated by President Trump, now sit on the infamous Ninth Circuit. There’s only twenty nine judges sitting on the Ninth Circuit; ten of them were nominated by this President.

That is not taking into account who was nominated by President Bush. You do have the gap period in between President Bush and President Trump, with President Obama serving two terms. This is a big deal and elections do matter.

We were also joined by two special guests, the first being American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, who joined us to talk about judicial appointments and a few other topics.

The second special guest was Michael Sweet, lead singer of the pioneering Christian rock band Stryper. Michael joined us at the end of the broadcast to debut Stryper’s new single, “Blood From Above”, from their upcoming new album.

The full broadcast is complete with more discussion by our team of the importance of the federal judicial appointments and what an accomplishment this two hundredth confirmation was.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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