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The President addressed the nation last night from the Oval Office on Covid-19.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the President’s address to the nation and the health, travel, and economic ramifications of the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Last night in an address from the White House, President Trump said:

We are all in this together. We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together as one nation and one family. As history has proven time and time again, Americans always rise to the challenge and overcome adversity. Our future remains brighter than anyone can imagine. Acting with compassion and love, we will heal the sick, care for those in need, help our fellow citizens, and emerge from this challenge stronger and more unified than ever before.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a press conference today:

This is not a time to panic by any means. I’m looking at what’s happening in the private sector and in the government; at the end of the day, we will get a vaccine. We’re testing right now for the best treatments and therapies, we’re taking the actions and the precautions ahead of time to make sure this does not spread as rapidly as we’ve watched in Italy and in others, and whatever we see in front of us, we will overcome and we will solve.

As we all got notice, the President decided to address the nation from the Oval office last night, and he announced a travel ban for most of Europe. It’s not all of Europe but it is most. The President later said that it would not affect cargo or goods, so the economic effects would be on the people travelling and of course airlines that carry passengers. Hotels, places like that, would be affected as well. Vacations and business trips will feel the impact, unless you fall into this limited process of people who have already been screened. This ban is in effect starting Friday and will last for thirty days.

There are a couple of things on Capitol Hill that are being considered now. One is the legislation coming out of the House on funding for various parts of what the President would like to do to help the economy and the American people. The President has made it clear that he would like to help workers get paid on time and help make sure insurance is covered. There’s also the FISA issue that is still ongoing.

You can listen to the entire episode complete with more discussion on the ramifications of Covid-19, the latest from our nation’s capital, and a report on a case being handled by the ACLJ in defense of Israel’s interests at the ICC here.

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