Radio Recap – Pres. Trump Takes Action to Protect the American People


Jordan Sekulow


August 10, 2020

President Trump has taken direct action to help people during the pandemic. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live , we discussed the President’s four Executive orders issued over the weekend to help the American people. President Trump signed four Executive actions this past Saturday. They are aimed at delivering relief to Americans who are struggling with the economic fallout of the COVID pandemic. He also accused Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer’s respective caucuses of stonewalling and going home when there are greater aid efforts to pursue. They’re not working with the other side to do what they did the first time, which was a bipartisan legislative effort that was supported widely to make sure that Americans got help during this Coronavirus crisis. These Executive orders called for supplemental unemployment aid of $400 per week after the expiration of the $600 a week unemployment aid expired in July. The orders also called for assistance to homeowners and renters, extending the eviction moratorium, and added a payroll tax holiday to defer payroll taxes for employees making $100,000 or less beginning on September 1st and ending on December 31st, 2020. The President’s Executive orders also extended student loan relief, suspending payments through the end of the year and setting interest rates at 0%. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin spoke about the Executive orders and potential challenges to them over the weekend: I would say if the Democrats want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits to those hard working Americans who are out of a job because of COVID, they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. That’s a very good point he made there because it illustrates that there is action occurring on the part of the Executive Branch, and suing to stop those actions would certainly make the party doing so look very badly. Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleisher said the following on Fox News: Politically, I do give credit to President Trump here. Now on the substance of it, really the analogy is when there were ObamaCare subsidies to insurance companies that were not appropriated by Congress, President Obama did the exact same thing with money spending that President Trump is doing now. So the Democrats are on thin ground to criticize this as an unconstitutional Executive order. My dad, Jay Sekulow, gave his take when he said: The idea here is while people are unemployed, while people are hurting, that the government would come in and offer direct economic aid. Now, unfortunately they’ve not been able to get this through Congress. Clearly, President Trump’s priority is to take action to help the American people, and he has now done so with these Executive orders. The full broadcast is complete with futher analysis of the President’ Executive orders, the state of negotiations with Congress on another stimulus package, as well as a fun discussion on a CNN anchor’s claim that some news networks exist to tear down former Vice President Biden and that no one would do that to President Trump. Watch the full broadcast below.