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The Presidential Debate Commission has changed the rules yet again in the middle of the game. How will it impact the final debate before Election Day?

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed this week’s upcoming and final presidential debate. The Commission on Presidential Debates has unilaterally changed the topics of the debate and added a mute button.

Will it be fair? Not likely.

As early voting is already underway throughout the country, preparation for the final debate is also going on. There are normally three debates, but as you know, the second one was cancelled. The final debate will be this Thursday in Nashville at Belmont University, airing at 9pm Eastern.

The rule changes that the Commission on Presidential Debates have made are a unilateral departure from the rules agreed upon much earlier by both the Trump and Biden campaigns. These rules are different from the first debate, so they are literally changing them in the middle of the game.

So now they are giving themselves the ability to mute the President of the United States as well as former Vice President Biden. Think about that. Could a moderator, a member of the media, mute the President of the United States and a former Vice President?

Why not let people see their personalities? If you don’t like a candidate’s personality, that’s part of a debate. Let them go at it. Add to it that he topics they are now covering are just a rehash of the first debate. There’s COVID-19, climate change, as well as race and violence in our cities. There’s been nothing new since the last debate on any of those topics.

My dad, Jay Sekulow, had a theory as to why they’re rehashing previously covered ground:

Because they don’t want him to address and they don’t want to address the situation with Hunter Biden and China, and Hunter Biden with Ukraine. I think they’re going to make those off limits, subject to mute.

They’re going to say that’s off topic. Look, there’s going to be multiple rule changes. We’re just seeing the beginning of it right now.

The question then is, should President Trump even participate in this debate? The first two moderators were just horrendous. The second debate moderator lied about his Twitter account being hacked and he never got a chance, thank goodness. He was biased. This upcoming debate moderator, Kristen Welker, is a very liberal reporter for a very liberal news outlet. I’m not sure the President will ever get a fair shake at one of these.

The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion about the upcoming presidential debate as well as detailed analysis of the state of the campaign by our team.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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