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Surprise, surprise – Three out of four elitist law professors agree that the President you elected should be impeached.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed another day of impeachment hearings, this time before the House Judiciary Committee.

What is happening in the Judiciary Committee today was worth watching to see how absurd the Majority actions are to try and get some justification to impeach the President that many of you voted for and elected. In less than a year, we’ll have the opportunity to decide to re-elect or not.

Slate called today’s hearing: “The Impeachment Drive Climbs Into the Clown Car.” Slate, which is a liberal magazine went on: “Up next, a pointless hearing before the House’s most incompetent committee.”

That’s you Chairman Nadler, running the most incompetent committee in the House of Representatives. They have four law professors testifying today, which is normal for an impeachment except that in President Clinton’s impeachment, the law professors testified about the articles of impeachment and whether they met the standards set forth by the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, our Founding Fathers, and what is meant by “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

They were not asked whether the President should be impeached without articles of impeachment already in front of them, as is occurring today. These members of Congress are asking unelected law professors to tell them if the President of the United States should be impeached. It is their decision to make. They have the power to do it. They don’t need the law professors explaining to them whether or not to impeach the President.

Three of the four law professors made it clear today and in the past that they cannot stand the President of the United States. Three elitist, liberal law professors – one of which, Noah Feldman, tweeted two months after the President’s inauguration that he should be impeached – have said the President should be impeached, just based off the public testimony that they have gotten to read.

ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett made the following point on the show:

In the Constitution the Founder’s gave the authority to decide on impeachment to elected officials, not law professors.

I would make one other point. I’m holding in my hand the three hundred page report that allegedly is what is being considered today. I would tell you that I’m pretty confident that I have read more of this than virtually any member on that dais. Its three hundred pages, about one hundred fifty pages of substance. I’ve been through every page of it. It doesn’t make the case for impeachment.

There you go. The sham hearings continue.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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